Highly effective bi‐functional electrochemical activity of Ag2O‐PrO2/γ‐Al2O3 electrocatalysts towards OER and ORR

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International Journal of Energy Research
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The oxygen reduction and evolution reaction (ORR/OER), are the keystones for many energy generating and storage devices, have influence with many electrocatalytic reactions. The sluggish kinetics of these reaction is a challenging situation on the surface of electrodes which imposes large over‐potential and affects the energy output of fuel cells. Although the platinum‐based electrode materials have excellent activity toward ORR/OER but their high cost limits commercialization of fuel cells. To deal with this problem, platinum‐free electrode materials has aroused the considerations of scientists. The present work is proposed to study the oxygen reduction reaction and water oxidation on the surface of xAg2O‐yPrO2/γ‐Al2O3/Glassy‐Carbon. The ORR was studied electrochemically via cyclic voltammetry on the surface of these nano‐catalysts while the OER was investigated via cyclic voltammetry and linear sweep