My C.V

Name Areej Makki Al-Juhani –


Academic Qualifications:
  ·     PhD student, Education Administration, "Women's Studies in Higher Education", University of Reading, 2015-2019.
·     Master Degree in Education Adminstration, King Saud University 2010
·     Bachelor Degree in "Islamic Studies" Al-Jouf University 2004.
current occupation
  Lecturer in the College of Education- Department of Educational Administration - King Saud University since 1433 until now.
Experiences in King Saud University :
  -       • Head and coordinator of the Community Service Unit for humanitarian colleges for one year
• Head of student activities at the College of Education for two years
• Head of student activities in the Department of Educational Administration for two years.
-       Editor-in-Chief of the Educational Leadership Magazine issued by the Department of Educational Administration
Previous Experience  
  • Collaborating lecturer in Department of Special Education- King Saud University (teaching the educational admininstration and supervision course) for a year and a half.
  • Secretary of the Dean of the College of Education at Al-Jouf University for two years, in addition to supervising the committee of Student Activities in the college for two years and arranging a charity book fair.
  •  Coordination and follow-up of many edited books: Education in a Changing World and The Revelations Series.
Technical Qualifications  
  • Computer course in Data and Word processing for six months
  • Computer proficiency, designing of presentations and use of photoshop software
Research and studies during the Master's period  
  • "The Current application of Six Sigma by the Colleges Directors at King Saud University".
  • "Development of Economic Values of the Third Year Secondary schools students in Riyadh".
  • "To What Extend Educational Supervisors Takes Advantage of Sources of Information in Scientific Researches in Riyadh Schools"
  • "Specialized researches in the financing of education and the productive school".
  • Ppreparation of many reports and  applied visits in Educational Supervision and Educational Administration.
  • Preparation training course material, title: "Development Team Building Skills of the Schools Principals in Riyadh Girls Schools (Trainer and Trainee training materials).
Master Degree Title
  • The Reality of the Application of Knowledge Management at King Saud University, from the Viewpoint of Post Graduate Studies Female Students"


Skills, experiences and cultural activities:
v  Editing book- in 2006- on the scientific miracle of  Quran, as the first personal experience in editing and publishing.
v  Preparing a free of charge electronic course on strategic planning (planning with scenario) for 3 days on the forum of King Saud University.
v  Create an electronic classroom in the university forum to communicate with students throughout the week and exchange information, views and ideas about the course.
v  Provided many topics in self improvement.
v  Organized a book fair.
v  Develop positive attitudes for using technology through my electronic practices and communication with female students.
v   Publication of various cultural articles and academic in several sites and newspapers.
Achievements in student activities and community service:  
  -       Develop an advanced annual plans that contain enrichment aspects for female students.
Organizing the work of the community service for one year with a specialized team, and coordinating with the Ministry of Social Affairs, and supervising more than thirty workshops besides working on agreements with charity organization and supporting groups. Also introducing a new vision for organizing the work through preparing the college members directory to serve them in volunteering and help them to reach the beneficiaries.
Supervised several academic websites including:  
  -       - The Arab University- Kuwait Branch (Department of Self Development and Improvement)
King Saud University Forum (supervisor of academic dialogue and developer of graduate studies) 2011-2013
Personal Skills -        
  -       Ability to influence others and meet the public.
-       Listening skills.
-        Self-reliance.
-        Team leadership.
-        Ability to conduct training in the administration field
  -       Reading in Philosophy and Education.
-        Traveling, meditation and cultural exchange especially knowledge.
-        Writing (prose - articles - dialogue topics).
-        Interested in media and audio and video production



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