CHEM 540 Stereochemistry

Introduction to Stereochemistry
Stereoisomers, Conformational Isomerism, Ethane Conformations, Butane Conformations, Structural Equivalence and Non-equivalence of Groups, Structural Classification of Atoms or Groups
Configurational Stereoisomers of Cycloalkanes, Ring Conformers, Some Conformations of Cyclohexane Rings, Substituted Cyclohexane Compounds
Configurational Stereoisomers of Alkene, The Sequence Rule for Assignment of Alkene Configurations, Relationship of Constitutional and Stereoisomers
Chirality and Chiral compounds
Racemization, Formation of racemic mixtures, Diastereomers, Enantiomers and meso compounds. Chiral resolution, by crystallization, Chiral resolving agents, Chiral column chromatography,
Addition to Carbonyl Double Bonds, Models for Addition to Acyclic Substrates, The Chelation Effect, Non-chelating Polar Effects, Diastereoselectivity, Enantioselectivity
Elimination: E1 and E2 mechanism
Substitution: SN1, SN2 and SE mechanism
Rearrangement reactions

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