Useful Links for Entomologists

Useful Links for Entomologists, especially young ones

Welcome to my favorite links pages.  Here you will find variety of interesting things.  You are only a click away from the fun.  So go ahead and click for the best.
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Entomology World Links

The Internet serves as a large "library" of entomology-related information. Below is a small selection of that "library" to assist you in your search for entomological information. Please select from the following pages for links on entomology and related sciences:

Entomology Links

Teaching Kids About the Importance of Honeybees

I am pleased to report that this page was visited by a future scientist; Ms. Lauren, the granddaughter of Mr. Taylor Roberts; and she learned a lot about honey and bees that she will use in her book report.

And by the recommendation of her great grandfather, I am including the following link for the interested public, and as an appreciation to her and her grandfather, and for the advancements of Entomology science in particular, and science in general.​

Teaching Kids About the Importance of Honeybees…

Bug and Insect Learning Centers

I am pleased to report that this page was visited by future scientists of Mrs. Regina Fowler students, and they earned an extra credit for doing so.
And by the recommendation of this great teacher, I am including the following link for the interested public, and as an appreciation to her and her students, and for the advancements of Entomology science in particular, and science in general.

Bug and Insect Learning Center for Kids:

A Homeowner's Guide to Entomology and House Insects

I am pleased to report that this page was visited by future scientists of Mrs. Susan Kitchen  students, and they earned an extra credit for doing so.

And by the recommendation of this great teacher, I am including the following link for the interested public, and as an appreciation to her and her students, and for the advancements of Entomology science in particular, and science in general.

A Homeowner's Guide to Entomology and House Insects


- See more at:


Black Entomologists (BE)
BugLife - Invertebrate Conservation Trust
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Butterfly Conservation - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch
California Department of Food & Agriculture, Plant Pest Diagnostic Branch
Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc
Colleges and Universities Where Entomology is Studied
Council for Agricultural Science & Technology
Entomological Societies Listed by Continent
Entomology Students Organization
Hampshire Butterfly Conservation
Highland Biological Recording Group
International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC)
National Federation for Biological Recording
National Science Collections Alliance
Other Organizations in Entomology and Related Disciplines
Shetland Entomological Group
Student Entomology Clubs
Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation


American Entomological Society
American Phytopathological Society
Association of Applied Insect Ecologists
Association of Natural Biocontrol ProducersInternational Society for Pest Information
Association Roussillonnaise d'Entomologie
British Dragonfly Society
Caddisfly Biodiversity & Systematics (University of Minnesota)
Coleopterists Society
Coleopterists Society
Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society
Dragonfly Biodiversity (University of Puget Sound)
Entomological Society of America
Entomological Society of South Africa
Entomological Society of Washington
International Hemipterists Society
International Society of Arachnology
International Society of Chemical Ecology
International Society of Entomology
International Society of Hymenopterists
Lepidopterists Society
National Pest Management Association
Natural Science Collections Alliance
Orthopterists' Society
Pacific Coast Entomological Society
Royal Entomological Society
Society for In Vitro Biology
Society for Invertebrate Pathology
Society for Vector Ecology
Society of Systematic Biologists
State Entomological Societies
Tree of Life Web Project
Urban Entomological Society
Willi Hennig SocietyInsect-Specific Entomological Societies
Xerces Society dedicated to invertebrate conservation
Young Entomologists Society
Societies Links

Arthropod Collections Museum

Collecting and Preserving Insects
National Museum of Namibia - Entomology
Natal Museum
South African Museums
Albany Museum
Berkeley Natural History Museums
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (Hawaii)
British Museum of Natural History (London, England)
California Academy of Science Department of Entomology
Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes
Coleccion Nacional de Insectos CNIN (Instituto de Biologica, UNAM, Mexico)
CSIRO Entomology (Australia)
Digital Library Project - Essig Museum Databases

Entomology Academic Programs

University of Pretoria, Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Witwatersrand, Zoology
Rhodes University Entomology
Division of Insect Biology
Colorado State University

Amateur Entomologists'

Amateur Entomologists' Society
Bug Club (Youth Club of the Amateur Entomologists' Society)
Miscellaneous Entomology & Fun Links
Entomology for Kids
CityBugs - Entomology for Children & Adults
Young Entomologists Society

General Entomology and Entomological Websites

Bugbios: shameless promotion of insect appreciation
Dragonfly Project
Entomological Data Information System
Entomology on the Web
Entomology Websites
Ephémères de France - Ephemeroptera of France
Ephemeroptera recording scheme
Forest Entomology Websites
Gordon's Entomological HomePage
Kendall Bioresearch
Leaf-mining website
Resources dealing with Entomology
Rob Hutchinson's Veterinary entomology homepage
Yahoo! Entomology Websites

Entomological Links

African BIG 12 Insects
African Parktown Prawn
Antlion Pit
Bug Bios
Butterfly Website
Cicada Pages (University of Michigan)
Digital Dragonfly Museum
Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dung Beetle Homepage
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Field Guide to Insects of South Africa
Forensic Entomology
Fossil Dragonfly Wings
General Entomology and InvertebratesBladder Grasshoppers (Pneumoridae)
Head Louse Information - University of California - Davis
Insect Orders
Insect Recipes
Insect Sounds
Iowa State University (Entomology Index of Internet Resources)
Malaria Database
Malaria Foundation International
Neuroptera Home Page
Radar Entomology
Robber Flies (Asilidae)
South Africa Catalogue of Insects
Taxon Specific Links
UC Berkeley Arthropod Collections Links
Yukky Bugs
Cooperative Extension (College of Natural Resources)

Insect Orders:



Coleoptera in South Africa
Harlequin Ladybird Survey
Stag Beetles
UK Ladybird Survey
Zim Beetles


Earwig Research Centre


Lepidoptera in South Africa
Bumblebee Pages
NHM Antcast - Live pictures from NHM Leaf cutter ant colony


Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies
Birdwing Butterflies of the World
Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
Eggs, Larvae and Pupae of Butterflies and Moths
Indonesian Lepidoptera and beetles
Irish Moth Recorders/Enthusiasts
Simply Birds and Moths
UK Butterflies
Worldwide Butterflies


Phasmid Study Group


Forest Pests

Forest Insect Orders

ants, bees, sawflies, wasps, and allies (Hymenoptera)
beetles (Coleoptera)
bugs, cicadas, aphids and scale insects (Hemiptera)
butterflies, moths, and skippers (Lepidoptera)
cockroaches (Blattodea)
damselfies and dragonflies (Odonata)
earwigs (Dermaptera)
flies (Diptera)
grasshoppers (Orthoptera)
lacewings, allies (Neuroptera)
lice (Phthiraptera)
mantids (Mantodea)
silverfish, firebrats (Thysanura)
termites (Isoptera)
thrips (Thysanoptera)
walkingsticks (Phasmatodea)

Forest Insects

Bark Beetles
Beneficials and Insect Predators
Boring Insects
Chewing Insects
Foliage Feeding Insects
Misc Insects
Seed / Cone / Flower / Fruit Insects
Stinging / Biting / Nuisance Insects
Sucking Insects

Related Forest non-insect Organisms

harvestmen (Opiliones)
mites and ticks (Acari)
scorpions (Scorpiones)
spiders (Araneae)

Insect Images

BugBios images
Clemson University Arthropod Collection
forest & shade insect images Clemson University
forest insect images ForestryImages
insect drawings University of Illinois
Iowa State University's list
NAL forest insect images National Agricultural Library
USFS forest insect images USDA Forest Service, PNW Region

Illustrations etc

Barry Flahey - Card designs of accurately drawn insects
Peregrine Productions - colored insect identification plates

Image Categories

ants, bees, sawflies, wasps, and allies
beetles and weevils
bugs, cicadas, aphids and scale insects
butterflies, moths, and skippers
damselflies and dragonflies
grasshoppers, katydids, crickets
lacewings, antlions and others
silverfish, firebrats

Dried and Papered Insects

Bug Maniac

Other Invertebrates

Annelid Resources
British Tarantula Society
Entomological Livestock Group
mites and ticks
Snails Online
Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute - Hosts an annual conference on 'Arthropods in Captivity'
Trilobite Home page


Entomologist's Record - Leading journal, alternates with AES Bulletin for publication
Field Studies Council - Includes details of useful publications


B&S Entomological Services
Brunel Microscopes - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories
GX Optical - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories
GT EntoVision - imaging solutions for the entomological research community
Mapmate - Software for recording wildife data
Meiji Techno - Suppliers of Microscopes and accessories
Ornithoptera - entomological equipment suppliers
Pisces Conservation - Producers of software and CD-ROMS of interest to ecologists and naturalists
Watkins and Doncaster - Suppliers of Entomological equipment

Book Dealers

Essig Museum of Entomology
Florida State University Arthropod Collection
Harvard University (Museum of Comparative Zoology)
Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Hillside Books - Mail order for books, reprints, separata and equipment
Hillside Books - Mail order for books, reprints, separata and equipment
Illinois Natural History Survey
Insect Collections, Zoos, Museums, and Butterfly Gardens in North America
Instituto Biologica (INBio) (Costa Rica)
Los Angeles County Museum, Entomology
Museum of Paleontology
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Natural History Museum
Ohio State University (OSU Insect Collection)
Pemberley Books - Natural History booksellers specializing in entomology
Pemberley Books - Natural History booksellers specializing in entomology
Smithsonian Institution, US National Museum of Natural History
State Museum of Cultural and Natural History, Honolulu, Hawai‘i
Steven Simpson Books - Specialist Natural History books
Steven Simpson Books - Specialist Natural History books
Systematic Entomology Laboratory (Beltsville, Maryland)
University and Jepson Herbaria
University Botanical Garden
University of Arkansas (Arthropod Museum)
University of California, Davis (Bohart Museum)
University of California, Riverside (Entomology Teaching & Research Museum)
University of Kansas (Natural History Museum)
University of Missouri (Wilbur R Enns Entomology Museum)
Washington State University (MT James Entomological Collection)

A Thousand Great Places to Bee on the Web!!


Beekeeper's Home Pages Internet Resources...

·        All Around the World:

·        Links to Entomology and Apiculture Research Sites:

·        Beekeeping Organizations 

·        Beekeeper's Personal Home Pages:

·        Beekeeping Museums

·        Companies that Sell Bee Supplies:

·        Computer Resources for Beekeepers

·        Lists of Beekeeping Links to Hundreds of Web Sites

·        Laws and Legal Statutes about Bees and Beekeeping

·        Beeswax, Candle Making, Craft Supplies, and Honey-Product Gifts

·        Books and Magazines About Bees, Beekeepers and Beekeeping

·        On-Line Book Stores

·        How to Bee a Better Beekeeper

·        Bees and Beekeeping Videos

·        Management of Problem Bees

·        Make Your Own Bee Equipment

·        All About Queen Bees

·        Diseases, Mites, and Pests

·        The African Honey Bee

·        Other Types of Bees and the Honey Bee Races

·        Bee Pollination

·        Kids' Stuff]

·        Honey Bee Trivia and Miscellaneous Facts

·        The Historical Bee

·        Weird, Wonderful, and Neat Bee Stuff

·        Apitherapy and Whole Body Medicines

·        Honey and Honey Recipes

·        Mead, Mead Making and Honey Beer Brewing



All Around the World:

  1. Beekeeping without Borders - Apicultura sin Fronteras (en espaٌol)
  2. World Bee - Labour Supply  (helps provide assistants to beekeepers)
  3. Beekeeping in Africa (Africa)
  4. Beekeeping in Arab Countries (Arabian Countries)
  5. Argentina Beekeeper's Magazine (Argentina)
  6. Argentine Queen Breeder (Argentina)
  7. Beekeeping News - Noticias Apicolas -en espaٌol (Argentina)
  8. Bindaree's in Canberra (Australia)
  9. Honey Bee Australias (Australia)
  10. Wescobee Honey Co-operative (Australia)
  11. Capilano Australia (Australia)
  12. Complete 90 Page Book on Australian Beekeeping (Australia)
  13. Economic Value and Environmental Impact of Bees in Australia (Australia)
  14. Hillgrove Farm - West Australia (Australia)
  15. Queensland Government Website on Bees and Beekeeping (Australia)
  16. Imkerbund (Austria)
  17. De Waterwilig (Belgium)
  18. l'abeille noire - European Dark Bees (Belgium)
  19. Bosnia and Herzegovinia Beekeeping (Bosnia i Herzogovia)
  20. Brasila, Brazil Beekeeper's Page (Brazil)
  21. Folha WWW do Apiario (Brazil)
  22. Brazilian Beekeepers Association (Brazil)
  23. Apiarios Esmeralda (Brazil)
  24. Allen Dick's Brilliant Honey World Web Site (Canada)
  25. Beekeeping: The Beekeeper's Home Page (Canada)
  26. Chinook Honey Farm, Okotoks, Alberta (Canada)
  27. Lansdowne Apiary, Eastern Ontario (Canada)
  28. Quebec Beekeeping Museum (Canada)
  29. Summit Gardens Honey Farms Ltd. – Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
  30. Yukon Beekeeping (Canada)
  31. Chilean Bee Web Site (Great Spot!) (Chile)
  32. Mesa Apicola Nacional de Chile (Chile)
  33. Apiculture China - in the Chinese Language (China)
  34. China Bee (China)
  35. Cooperative Chinese Beekeeping great photo (China)
  36. Honey Products: Royal Jelly (China)
  37. Croatian Beekeeping (Croatia)
  38. Croatian Message Board for Beekeepers (Croatia)
  39. Hrvatski Pcelarski (Croatia)
  40. Honey Bee Institute (Czech Republic)
  41. Danish Beekeepers (Denmark)
  42. Almaleka - in the Arabic Language (Egypt)
  43. Estonian Beekeeping (Estonia)
  44. South Pacific Beekeeping (Fiji)
  45. Hunajayhtymن (Finland)
  46. Pasi's Finland Beekeeping Site (Finland)
  47. Apiservices and Apimondia Pages (France)
  48. A Year Beekeeping in France (France)
  49. Page Apicole (France)
  50. (Germany)
  51. Beekeeping Museum in Weimar (Germany)
  52. Bio-Honig: Wald und Wiesen Imkerei (Germany)
  53. Honig Hausen (Germany)
  54. Institut für Bienenkunde aus Frankfurt (Germany)
  55. A History of Greek Honey and Beekeeping (Greece)
  56. Great Web Site on Peloponnesian Bees and Beekeeping by Friederike Erlinghagen   (Greece)
  57. Hungarian Beekeeping (Hungary)
  58. Hungarian Honey Suppliers - order online from Cserenyi (Hungary)
  59. Hungarian Bee Supplies – Eskolt Ltd. (Hungary)
  60. Hungarian Comb Honey Equipment (Hungary)
  61. Monks, Doctors and Little Old Ladies - Beekeepers of Hungary (Hungary)
  62. Honey Making in Iceland (Iceland)
  63. Galtee Bee Breeders – The European Dark Bee (Ireland)
  64. Irish Beekeeping Website(Ireland)
  65. Apicoltura AAAB(Italy)
  66. Apicoltura Tettamanti(Italy)
  67. Apicultura On Line ( taly)
  68. B-Brezzo Italian Honey Sales (Italy)
  69. Sicily Beekeeping (Italy)
  70. Hoshi Botany and Bee Lab, Tokai University (Japan)
  71. Honeybee Science Research Center, Tamagawa University (Japan)
  72. Bee Research Unit - Jordan (Jordan)
  73. Land of Oil and Honey (Kuwait)
  74. Beekeeping and Honey Flowers in Beirut (Lebanon)
  75. The Beekeeper Home Page in Lithuania (Lithuania)
  76. Lithuanian Bee Pictures (Lithuania)
  77. The Giant Asian Honey Bee (Malaysia)
  78. National Public Radio's Honey Hunters (Malaysia)
  79. Beekeeping on the Island of Malta (Malta)
  80. Impact of Africanized Bees in Sinaloa (Mexico)
  81. Mayan Beekeeping Tradition from National Geographic (Mexico)
  82. Research Report: Pollen Plants and Bees in the Yucatan (Mexico)
  83. Smithsonian Tropical Research: Mayan Beekeeping (Mexico)
  84. Yucatan Beekeeping (Mexico)
  85. Moldovian Beekeeping (Moldova)
  86. Nepalese Beekeeping (Nepal)
  87. Beautiful Honey Pots (Netherlands)
  88. All About Nectar (Netherlands)
  89. Dutch Bee Web (Netherlands)
  90. The Hoogeveen Honey Pot Site (Netherlands)
  91. Manuka Honey (New Zealand)
  92. New Zealand Beekeeping (New Zealand)
  93. Organic Beekeeping in (Nicaragua)
  94. Peruvian Andes (Peru)
  95. Beekeeping Congress (Philippines)
  96. Beekeeping in the Philippines (Philippines)
  97. Philippine Beekeeping – Phil Bee Net (Philippines)
  98. Pinoy Beekeepers Forum (Philippines)
  99. Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland)
  100. Bee Tools, in Russian (Includes an Unacknowledged Copy of THIS page!) (Russia)
  101. Great Russian Web Site (Russia)
  102. Alternative Technology (in Russian) (Russia)
  103. Russian Language Beekeeping Site (Russia)
  104. Lochluichart Beekeeping (Scotland)
  105. Slovak Beekeeping Picture (Slovakia)
  106. Detailed and Informative Slovakian Bee Web Site (Slovakia)
  107. Apimondia 2003 (Slovenia)
  108. Bajc Beekeeping Family Homepage (Slovenia)
  109. Beekeeping in Slovenia (Slovenia)
  110. Branko Obranovic’s Website (Slovenia)
  111. Royal Jelly Site from Slovenia (Slovenia)
  112. Slovenian Beekeeping - "A Way of Life" (Slovenia)
  113. Slovenian Apiary Tour (Slovenia)
  114. Slovenia and Beekeeping (Slovenia)
  115. Slovenian Beekeeping (Slovenia)
  116. Stane Plut’s Bronze Apimondia Site (Slovenia)
  117. Fynbos Honey - from the Cape (South Africa)
  118. Beekeepers of Sweden (Sweden)
  119. Projekt NordBi (Sweden)
  120. P. O.'s Swedish Beekeeping (Sweden)
  121. Schweizerischen Carnicaimker - Vereinigung (Switzerland)
  122. Clove Honey Production on Pemba Island (Tanzania)
  123. Beekeeping on the Tropical Island of Tobago (Tobago)
  124. Rural Beekeeping in Turkey (Turkey)
  125. Beekeeping in the City of London (United Kingdom)
  126. British Isles Bee Breeders Association (United Kingdom)
  127. Alaska Beekeeping Images (USA)
  128. Mid-Atlantic Apiculture (USA)
  129. Midnite Bee Page, State of Maine (USA)
  130. National Honey Board's Home Page (USA)
  131. USA Beekeeping Industry Reports (USA)
  132. USDA Stats Sheets on Honey Prices, Colony Count (USA)
  133. Apiservice's In-depth Report on Vietnam (Vietnam)
  134. Beekeeping the Natural Way (Wales)
  135. Beekeeping in Serbia (Yugoslavija)
  136. Serbian Bee Site (Yugoslavija)

Links to Entomology and Apiculture Research Sites:

1.      Colorado State University
2.      University of Florida - APIS Homepage
3.      University of Georgia Honey Bee Program
4.      Iowa State Entomology
5.      Logan Utah USDA Bee Lab
6.      Lousiana USDA Bee Lab
7.      Mid-Atlantic Apiary Research Site
8.      Mississippi State Beekeeping Tips
9.      University of Montana Bee Alert
10.  Ohio State Queen Breeding
11.  Penn State’s Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Beekeeping Site
12.  Michigan State University - Department of Entomology
13.  Nebraska's Bee Tidings Newsletter
14.  Tucson Bee Research Lab
15.  USDA - Disease Laboratory
16.  Varroa Mite Control using Natural Oils - U of West Virginia

Beekeeping Organizations:

1.      International Bee Research Association (International)
2.      International Federation of Beekeepers (Apimondia) (International)
3.      Apimondia - 2007 World Meeting in Australia (International)
4.      Find Bee Clubs and Bee Inspectors for your USA State or Canadian Province (Canada and the USA)
5.      Eastern Apicultural Society of North America (Canada and the USA)
6.      Canadian Honey Council (Canada)
7.      The American Beekeeping Federation (USA)
8.      Back Yard Bee Association (USA)
9.      National Honey Board (USA)
10.  Heartland Beekeepers Association (USA)
11.  Brazilian Beekeepers Association (Brazil)
12.  Ontario Beekeepers Association (Canada)
13.  Central Beekeepers Alliance (New Brunswick, Canada)
14.  Danmarks Biavlerforenings Hjemmeside (Denmark)
15.  European Black Bee Preservation Society (Europe)
16.  Italian Beekeeping Association (Italy)
17.  Pinoy Beekeepers Forum (Philippines)
18.  Scottish Beekeeping Association (Scotland)
19.  Beekeeping Association of Slovenia (Slovenia)
20.  Beekeeping Association of Sweden (Sweden)
21.  Trollhattan Bee Association (Sweden)
22.  Avon Beekeepers Association (UK)
23.  Bee Farmers of the United Kingdom (UK)
24.  Bees for Development - British Charity Organisation (UK)
25.  British Bee Clubs Listings (UK)
26.  British Beekeepers (BBKA) Association  (UK)
27.  British Isles Bee Breeders Association (UK)
28.  Essex Beekeepers Association (UK)
29.  First Honey Producers Co-operative (UK)
30.  Hampshire Beekeepers Association (UK)
31.  Kent Beekeepers of England (UK)
32.  Midlands Beekeeping Forum (UK)
33.  The National Honey Show (UK)
34.  Northamptonshire Beekeepers' Association (UK)
35.  Somerset Beekeepers Association (UK)
36.  Surrey Beekeepers Association (UK)
37.  Sussex Beekeepers’ Association: Brighton & Lewes Division (UK)
38.  West Glamorgan Beekeeping Society (Wales)
39.  Brown County Beekeepers Association (Wisconsin, USA )
40.  Capital Area Honey Bee Stewards (Texas, USA )
41.  Chester County Bee Association (Pennsylvania, USA )
42.  Georgia Beekeepers Association (Georgia, USA)
43.  Jefferson County Beekeepers Association (Missouri, USA)
44.  Maryland State Beekeepers Association (Maryland, USA)
45.  Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (Maryland, USA)
46.  Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association (California, USA)
47.  Nashville Area Beekeeper's Association (Tennessee, USA)
48.  Greene County Beekeeper’s Association (Ohio, USA)
49.  Northwest Ohio Beekeeper’s Association (Ohio, USA)
50.  Ohio's East Central BKA (Ohio, USA)
51.  Trumbull County Beekeepers (Ohio, USA)
52.  Oregon Beekeepers Association (Oregon, USA)
53.  Pugent Sound Bee Club (Washington, USA)
54.  Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers’ Guild (California, USA)
55.  Tennessee Beekeeper's Association (Tennessee, USA)
56.  West Sound Bee Club (Washington, USA )
57.  West Virginia Beekeepers' Association (W VA, USA)

Beekeeper's Personal Home Pages:

  1. Adam Finkelstein's Home Page
  2. Adee Honey Farms
  3. Albert Needham's "Bees-on-Line"
  4. Allen Dick's Honey World Web Site
  5. Archibald Honey Company, Australia
  6. Arnold Honey Bee Services, east Tennessee
  7. Bee Care - Consulting and Information Services
  8. Beekeepers' Home Pages, active since October 1995!
  10. Bee Source
  11. Beeway Honey in Oregon
  12. Billy Bee Honey
  13. The Blackmore Boys' Regina Saskatchewan Bee Business
  14. Blessed Bee Apiaries, Ottawa
  15. Boris Romanov’s Bee Behaviour Web Site
  16. Bosse in Stockholm - lots of photos
  17. Buckeye Bees & Equipment
  18. Bug World Bee Page
  19. Burleson's Texas Honey Homehive
  20. Country Bee Apiaries
  21. Dave Bradshaw's Bees' Home Page
  22. Durham's Bee Farm, Walls, MS
  23. E&M Gold Beekeepers of Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA
  24. Ferntree Cottage
  25. Georgia Honey Corporation
  26. Glenn Apiaries - Queen Breeding Information
  27. Grossman Oregon Organic Farm- Honey
  28. Hamilton Bee Ranch - Menthol Boards
  29. Henry's Honey Home Page - Red Granite, Wisconsin
  30. Honey Bees Only - from DK Honey Farms
  31. Honey Run Apiaries in Northwest Ohio, USA
  32. Honig Haeuschen – German Site
  33. (queen bee) Jan's...of bees, beekeepers, and food
  34. Jay Hosler, Bee Biologist and Bee Book Author
  35. John Pluta's Georgia Beekeeping Page
  36. John's Beekeeping Notebook
  37. John's Beekeeping Page (Watzke On Line)
  38. Kallas Honey Farm
  39. Larry Selman's Honey Label
  40. Lochluichart Beekeeping
  41. Luckiamute Bee
  42. Marieke Mutsaers of Holland - Trichilia ABC
  43. Mark Turner's Page and Varroa Information
  44. Michael Mordenti's Pennsylvania Beekeeping Site
  45. Miller's Honey (since 1894) Home Page
  46. Mtn. Honey of Georgia
  47. North Fork Honey
  48. Old North State North Carolina Apiaries
  49. Parson's Gold Apiaries of Ohio
  50. Pure Foods' Home Page
  51. Robert Talk's Bee Talk Site
  52. Scribner's Bee Happy Page
  53. Sepe Honey
  54. Sleeping Bear Michigan Farms
  55. Spring Prairie Hutterite Colony Apiary
  56. Stroope Bee and Honey Farm
  57. Sue Cobey - Ohio State - Queen Breeding
  58. Summit Gardens Honey Farms of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  59. Tate's Spokane Washington Honey Farm
  60. The Three Beekeepers, Ontarion, Canada
  61. Tropical Blossom Florida Honey Company
  62. Vlado Augustin’s Slovenian Web Site

Beekeeping Museums

1.      Musée de l'Abeille - Quebec, Canada
2.      Musee des Arts et Traditions Apicoles - Château de la Causega, France
3.      Bienenkundemuseum - Münstertal, Germany
4.      Deutches Bienen Museum - Weimar, Germany
5.      (Pastida) Rhodes Beekeeping Museum - Greece
6.      The Beekeeping Museum - Bozano, Italy
7.      Ancient Beekeeping Museum - Ignalina, Lithuania
8.      Norwegian Beekeepers’ Association Bee Museum – Billingstad, Norway
9.      Kralova Beekeeping Museum – Kralova pri Senci, Slovakia
10.  Virtual Tour of the Cebelarski muzej - Radovljica, Slovenia
11.  The Prokopovych Beekeeping Institute Museum - Kiev, Ukraine

Companies that Sell Bee Supplies:

1.      Adelika Bee Equipment – in Romania
2.      Bee-Commerce - Quality Bee Supplies and Online Advice
3.      BeeHaven ('Killer Bee' Protection)
4. - Everything for the Beekeeper!
5.      Bee Maid, Alberta, Canada
6.      Bee-o-Sphere: A New Comb Honey System
7.      Bee Ventilator System from Bee Cool Manufacturing:  Keeping Bees Cool
8.      Betterbee, Inc. Up-State New York – Bee Supplies, Candle & Soap Eq. and More
9.      Bindaree's in Canberra, Australia
10.  Brushy Mountain Bee Equipment
11.  Buckeye Bees & Equipment
12.  China: Orient Beekeeping Supplies
13.  Corn Syrup Information
14.  Country Hill Beekeeping Supplies, New Brunswick, Canada
15.  Cowen Manufacturing
16.  Dadant's Main Home Page
17.  Fraser Auction House: Western Canadian Beekeeping Auctions
18.  Glorybee Supplies
19.  Greece - Anel-Standard Beekeeping Supplies
20.  Hamilton Bee Ranch - Menthol Boards
21.  Handy-Man Handy Bar Tool
22.  Hoge Brush Company – Bee Brushes for Beekeepers
23.  Manitoba Bee Supply Co-op, Manitoba, Canada
24.  Mann Lake Bee Supplies, Minnesota, USA
25.  MEDIVET – Medicines to control Nosema, AFB, and Mites!
26.  Miller Bee Supplies, North Carolina
27.  Mite Gone Formic Acid Dispensers
28.  New England Bee Supplies
29.  Plastools Honey Punch - used for uncapping w/o electricity
30.  Protection from Bees Stings and Vermin
31.  On-Line Bee and Bee Supplies Sources
32.  Queen Bee Insemination Equipment
33.  Rauch Boy Bee Smokers - Germany
34.  Ross Round's Comb Honey Equipment
35.  Sherriff's Protective Beekeeping Clothing
36.  Swienty Bee Supplies - Denmark
37.  The Bee Space - Rauchboy Bee Smokers
38.  The Three Beekeepers
39.  Thorne's Bee Equipment Home Page, U.K.
40.  Thorne's Beginner's Hive Kit
41.  Turkish Beekeeping Equipment
42.  Western Bee Supply, USA

Bees and Queens for Sale
1.      Carnica – Carniolan Bees and Queens
2.      Cedar Glen Bees and Queens - Washington State
3.      Glenn Apiaries' Bee Breeder
4.      Hawaiian Queen Co. Inc.
5.      MALKA  - Argentina Queen and Bee Company
6.      Pedersen's Saskatchewan Queen and Honey Farm
7.      Rossman Apiaries
8.      Queen and Bee Suppliers in the USA
9.      Sue Cobey’s Ohio State Queen Breeding
10.  Suppliers of Bees and Queens in the USA

Computer Resources for Beekeepers:

1.      BeeDictionary - Interactive, 7 Languages
2.      Mynista's Beekeeper's Tracking Software
3.      EDBi Bidata from Denmark

Lists of Beekeeping Links to Hundreds of Web Sites:

1.      Agrifor List of Beekeeping Materials
2.      Beekeeping Links from Nick Wallingford
3.      Beekeeper's Reference
4.      Bee-Who Directory
5.      Bee Aware's Beekeeping Web Site Lists
6.      Bee Data dot Com's List of Bee Links
7.      IBRA's Beekeeping Links
8.      Midnight Bee's Links Page
9.      Mining Company's ‘About’ Bees Links
10.  Roger Parson's British Bee Links
11.  Surrey Beekeepers’ Bee Links List
12.  Yugoslavian List of 100 Sites

Laws and Legal Statutes about Bees and Beekeeping:

1.      Illinois Bee Regulations
2.      List of Bee Inspectors in Canada and the USA
3.      Alaska Bee Statutes
4.      USA Laws and Regulations on Honey Bees

Beeswax, Candle Making, Craft Supplies, and Honey-Product Gifts:

1.      At Wix End - Candle Supplies
2.      Beeswax Furniture Polish
3.      Blossomland Bee Crafts and Supplies
4.      Blue Corn Beeswax Candles
5.      Candle Escape
6.      Candle Making Techniques
7.      Honey Pots and Things - European Gifts
8.      HoneyJewels.Com - Gifts and Ideas
9.      Honey Hill Farm - Handcrafted Honey & Beeswax Soaps
10.  Honey Stone Candles
11.  Local Honey For Sale
12.  Peak Candle Making Supplies
13.  Red Bee Studio - Honeybee Healing Products: Soaps, Salves, Candles
14.  The Place to Bee - Beeswax Candles
15.  Wentworth Craft Centre, South Yorkshire, England

Books and Magazines About Bees, Beekeepers and Beekeeping

1.      American Bee Journal
2.      A.I. Root's Bee Culture
3.      Apidologie – International Research Journal of Apiculture
4.      Amazing, Brilliant, A Literary and Scientific Classic - Bad Beekeeping by Ron Miksha
5.      Beekeeping Quarterly Magazine
6.      Bee Talk Back Issues
7.      Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
8.      California Beekeeping Books for Download
9.      Georgia Bee Quarterly Newsletter
10.  McGregor’s Book on Pollination
11.  Ohio’s ‘The Beehive’ On-Line Newsletter
12.  Oregon Beekeepers’ PDF Bee Line
13.  The Life of the Bee by Maurice Maeterlinck, 1862-1949
14.  U of Georgia's Year in the Life of an Apiary Book and Video

On-Line Book Stores:

1.      Ping’s Bee Book Store: Denmark
2.      Beekeeping Book Store in the USA
3.      A.I. Root's Book Store: USA
4.      Bad Beekeeping Book Store

How to Bee a Better Beekeeper:

1.      Bee Blog - Diary of an Incompetent Beekeeper
2.      A Year in the Bee Yard - Pennsylvania
3.      About Swarming
4.      Apiculture Newsletters from University of California
5.      Bee Behaviour – Boris Romanov Site
6.      Bee Tidings Newsletter from Nebraska
7.      Beginning Beekeeping Resources
8.      Certificate Course in Organic Beekeeping
9.      Code of Practice for Urban Beekeeping
10.  Colony Management
11.  Country Hills' Guide to Beginning Beekeeping
12.  The Georgia Beekeeper's Association Newsletter - TARA
13.  Getting Started with Beekeeping - British Guide
14.'s Beginning Beekeeping Information
15.  How to Get Started in Beekeeping
16.  How to Become a Beekeeper – from Mann Lake Supplies
17.  Farrar's Life of the Honey Bee
18.  'Go Beekeeping' - Advice for the Hobby Beekeeper
19.  Live Pictures of Bee Colony
20.  Beginning Beekeeping Information
21.  Information on Capturing Swarms
22.  Installing Package Bees
23.  Organic Beekeeping Certification
24.  Practical Information from University of N.C.
25.  Queen Management Techniques from Ohio State U.
26.  Small Scale Beekeeping: A Complete Guide Book
27.  Swarm Prevention
28.  Tips for Suburban Beekeepers
29.  Ventilation and Wintering Bees

Bees and Beekeeping Videos:

1.      The Waggle-Tale Bee Dance
2.      Bees Working The Oil Palm
3.      Comb Honey on Morning Talk TV - this one is great!!
4.      Commercial Beekeepers Pulling Honey - Bees Gone Wild
5.      A London Beekeeper
6.      Honey Bee Life Cycle
7.      Tennessee Beekeepers’ Association Video about Pollination
8.      U of Georgia's Year in the Life of an Apiary Book and Video
9.      Video on Removing Bees from a Bee Tree
10.  Varroa Mite Life-Cycle Movie
11.  Working the Top Bar Hive in Kenya, Africa
12.  Bee Hive and Bee Videos from Boris Romanov

Management of Problem Bees:

1.      How to Prevent Bee Stings
2.      Biting and Stinging Insects
3.      Controlling Unwanted Honeybees
4.      Dealing with Bee Stings
5.      How to Capture and Hive a Swarm

Make Your Own Bee Equipment:

1.      Making your own?? Bee Hive Construction Info!
2.      Langstroth Hive Plans
3.      Paul's Ingenious Solar Wax Melter Instructions
4.      Solar Wax Melter Plans from Bee Tools
5.      Top Bar Hives - Construction, FAQs, More - Great International Reference!
6.      Observation Bee Hives
7.      Bee Tool's Observation Bee Hive Construction
8.      Build a Bee Vacuum
9.      Constructive Beekeeping Book (plus a varroa trap) by Norman Chapman
10.  Alternative Hive Designs (Long Hives, Top Bar Hives)
11.  Bee Venom Collector Device

All About Queen Bees

1.      Bee Biology - including Queen Mating
2.      Bee Improvement and Breeding - BIBBA, UK
3.      Glenn Apiaries' Bee Breeder's Information
4.      Georgian (former USSR) Caucasian Queen Breeding Site
5.      Honeybee Genome Project
6.      How to Re-Queen a Hive
7.      The New World Carniolan Breeding Program
8.      Queen Bees
9.      Queen Bees Management Fact Sheet
10.  Queen Breeding and Instrument Insemination
11.  Royal Jelly Site from Slovenia
12.  The USDA Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics & Physiology Research Unit

Diseases, Mites, and Pests

1.      Honey Bee - Colony Collapse Disease
2.      Colony Colapse News Story
3.      Salon Mag - Discussion on Colony Collapse Syndrome
4.      Colony Colapse and Other News from USDA National Agricultural Library
5.      Science News Magazine Article on Mites and Russian Resistant Bees
6.      Honey Bee Disease Diagnosis and Information
7.      Beekeeping and the Tracheal Mite
8.      EXCELLENT Photographs of Bee Diseases!
9.      How to Catch Varroa Mites
10.  Mite Gone Formic Acid Dispensers
11.  Controlling Mites with Essential Oils
12.  Varroa and Essential Oils
13.  Recommendations on Controlling Hive Beetles and Mites
14.  Varroa Mite Information
15.  Varroa Mite Disease Fact Sheets
16.  The Effect of Stress on Various Races of Bees
17.  Woodpecker Damage to Beehives
18.  Small Hive Beetle
19.  A True Bear in the Bees Tale
20.  Florida Bears and Beekeeping
21.  Managing Bear Damage in Bee Yards
22.  USDA Bee Brood Disease Information
23.  Where Have All the Bees Gone?? - from Penn State
24.  Video on Varroa Mite Life Cycle
25.  Wax Moths and Their Control
26.  MEDIVET – Medicines to Control Nosema, AFB, and Mites!

The African Honey Bee:

1.      May 2003 - Map Showing Spread of African Honey Bees
2.      African Bees Turn Left from Mexico - Searching for Food
3.      Africanized Bees in Arizona
4.      Africanized Bees in California
5.      Africanized Bees in Florida
6.      Africanized Bees in Mexico
7.      Brazilian Site for Africanized Bees -  Apis mellifera scutellata
8.      The African Honey Bee
9.      Bad Bee Stories in the News
10.  Not Killer Bees!
11.  Mean Gene Discovered in Africanized Honey Bees
12.  Movie: Tickle Me Elmo Doll vs the Africanized Bees
13.  Predictions on the Spread of the African Honey Bee
14.  Sting Shields - Lots of Great AHB Information

Other Types of Bees and the Honey Bee Races

1.      Raising Bumble Bees
2.      Bumble Bee Web Page
3.      Bumble Bee Photograph
4.      Carniolan Bees
5.      Carniolan Bees at
6.      Die Dunkle Biene – The German Dark Bee
7.      European Association for Preservation of the European Dark Bee
8.      Galtee Bee Breeders – The Irish Dark Bee
9.      Himalayan apis cerana
10.  Insect Encyclopedia
12.  Know About Bumblebees (includes a picture)
13.  Know About Carpenter Bees (includes a picture)
14.  Know About Digger Bees (includes a picture)
15.  Know About Leafcutter Bees (includes a picture)
16.  Know About Mason Bees (includes a picture)
17.  Know About Orchid Bees (includes a picture)
18.  Know About Sweat Bees (includes a picture)
19.  Mason Bees: Raising
20.  Knox Cellar's - The Orchard Mason Bee
21.  How to Raise Orchard Mason Bees
22.  Solitary Bee Management
23.  Solitary Bees and Nest Building Info!
24.  Stingless Bee of Panama
25.  Stingless Bee Species
26.  The Races of Honey Bees
27.  Red and Blue Mason Bees - Oxford Bee Company, U.K.
28.  Lousiana USDA Bee Lab (Russian Bee anti-Varroa Project)
29.  Entomology Stuff - Insect Notes
30.  Wild Bee Management

Bee Pollination and Honey Plants:

Bee Pollination
1.      All About Honey Bee Pollination
2.      Bees and Pollination Reference and Facts - from Ohio State
3.      Pollination and Ecology
4.      California Commercial Migratory Beekeeper Moving from Kiwis to Alfalfa
5.      CNN Article on Disappearing Pollinators
6.      Economics of Pollination
7.      Our Forgotten Pollinators – An Activist Page
8.      Pollination Primer (FAQ Sheet)
9.      Online Pollination Handbook (S.E. McGregor's complete USDA book!)
10.  Tennessee Beekeepers’ Association Video about Pollination
11.  Pollination with Bees: How It Works and What It Does
12.  The Pollination Home Page
13.  What’s Blooming?
Plants for Pollen and Nectar
1.      Bee Working Borage
2.      Denmark’s Honey Plants
3.      Florida Honey Plants – Excellent List!
4.      Honey Plants in Central Europe ( Hungary )                    

Kids' Stuff:


Honey Bee Trivia and Miscellaneous Facts:

1.      Buzzing Facts about Bees
2.      Buzzy's Honey Bee Trivia
3.      Bee Facts Trivia Page
4.      Honey Bee Anatomy
5.      Glossary of Honey Bee and Beekeeping Terms
6.      Trivia Questions Answered
7.      Can We Forecast the Price of Honey?
8.      Honey Bee Dance: Communication
9.      Beekeeping Translations - Spanish, English, Italian, French Words
10.  CNN Story from the Year 2000 - Honey Prices Hurt by Imports

The Historical Bee:

1.      Origin and Diversity of the Honey Bee
2.      Ancient Beehives
3.      A History of Beekeeping in the USA
4.      80 Million Year-Old Bee
5.      Beeekeeping Up To the Year 1500 (en espaٌol)
6.      Bees in Warfare
7.      Brother Adam Memorial Trust
8.      History of Greek Beekeeping
9.      Honey Crimes
10.  Irish Beekeeping History
11.  Legends of Beekeeping
12.  Natural History and Evolution of the Honey Bee
13.  Mythology of Bees and Honey
14.  History of American Beekeeping
15.  Ancient History Citations and Quotations
16.  Cherokee Indian Legend: How the Honey Bee Got Her Stinger
17.  How the Honey Bee Got Her Hummm - A Folk Tale
18.  First Bees in California
19.  Maltese Beekeeping History
20.  Toxic - Poisonous  Honey used in Warfare
21.  Extensive Historical Research on Bees
22.  Bees in War

Weird, Wonderful, and Neat Bee Stuff:

High Culture:
1.      Beekeeper's Review of Ulee's Gold
2.      An Idyl of the Honey-bee from John Burroughs (b. 1837)
3.      Killer Bees – 2002 Disaster Movie, not to be confused with the 1978 movie…
4.      The Bees! A 1978 Disaster Movie, not to be confused with The Swarm...
5.      The Swarm, Another Bee 1978 Disaster Movie!
6.      Clan Apis - the Super-Hero Cartoon Action Character
7.      Children's Story About Royal Jelly
8.      World's Largest Bee - Alberta, Canada
9.      How the Honeybee Got Her Hum
10.  The Life of the Bee, by Maurice Maeterlinck, 1862-1949
Really Different Stuff:
1.      People Who Hate Beekeepers: Anti-Honey Vegen Page - Uses photos stolen from beekeepers’ web pages...
2.      The Blessed Bee: A Pagan Page (and supply store) for Wiccans
3.      Bee Population Projections and Models
4.      Can Bees Find Landmines?
5.      DNA Studies of the Honey Bee
6.      University of Florida - Book of Insect Records
7.      Economic Impact of Honey Bees in Florida
8.      Honey of a Way to Sniff Out Landmines
9.      This Beekeeper Web Master Owns A Seismic Company!!
10.  All About  Skeps!
11.  The Kenyan Top Bar Hives
12.  Bees Shouldn’t Be Able To Fly
13.  Bumble Barf: Is Honey Really Bee Barf?
14.  CNN Article on Tracking Bees with Radar
15.  Lost at your Beeyard? High-Tech Satellites can help!
Beekeeping  People:
1.      Famous Beekeepers
2.      Famous Beekeeper Quiz
3.      Some GIANTS in Beekeeping
4.      A.I. Root's Who's Who in Bee Culture

Apitherapy and Whole Body Medicines:

1.      Apitherapy Information and Supplies
2.      Apitherapy Page - Bee Venom Journal
3.      Bee Health - World's Largest Propolis Supplier
4.      Bee Venom Information
5.      M.S. Testimonial on Bee Stings Therapy
6.      Bee in Balance - Apitherapy
7.      Burt's Bees - All Natural Products
8.      Dark Honey is Healthier
9.      Royal Jelly in Japan by Toshio Morikawa
10.  Royal Jelly Store
11.  French Apitherapy Site
12.  Health/Apitherapy/Spirituality
13.  Little Honeyzzz Natural Health and Beauty Products
14.  North Yukon Pollen Farm

Honey and Honey Recipes:

1.      Buy and Sell Local Honey
2.      Technical Book on Honey on the Web
3.      Honey Recipes
4.      Kids’ Favourites Honey Recipes
5.      Lots and Lots of Honey Recipes from Billy Bee Honey
6.      Sue Bee's Honey FAQ
7.      Draper's Info on Honey
8.      Sourwood Honey
9.      Recipes from the Northhamptonshire Bee Club
10.  Tips on Cooking with Honey
11.  Technical Information and Applications of Honey
12.  Science On-Line: Antioxidant Properties of Honey
13.  Chemical Formulations for Sugar and Nectar
14.  Raw Honey Standards
15.  USDA Rules and News on Honey
16.  Honey Page

Mead, Mead Making and Honey Beer Brewing:

1.      Got Mead? Great Site
2.      About Mead
3.      Mead Lover’s Digest
4.      Heather Ale
6.      Nossa Receita de Hidromel