575 BID

575 Bid Wildlife Management 3 (2+1)

Course Syllabus:

  • Concepts of wildlife management and conservation.
  • Biology of wildlife: food, water, habitat, behavior, and reproduction.
  • Population dynamics: characteristics, density concept; population regulation, population structure, dispersal and dispersion; territory concept and predator-prey relationship.
  • Management and research techniques ; age and sex determination, animal capture and translocation techniques, and predators control.
  • Monitoring and observation of wild animals and plants, and methods of their identification.
  • Practical management of wildlife: information, requirements for setting up a management plan of a naturally protected sanctuaries.


  1. علم البيئة: علياء يوران و محمد أبو ديه
  2. اساسيات الصون الحيوي: ريتشارد بريماك

Monthly Exam : 20 Marks
Practicle Exam: 40 marks
Final Exam: 40 marks
Total: 100 marks