Appreciation Message for GE-105 from Alumnus

From: Alkhamees, Ibrahim Majed [mailto:...@...] 
Sent: 26/10/2016 Wednesday/October 9:35 AM
To: Faycal Benyahia <fbenyahia@KSU.EDU.SA>
Subject: appreciation message


Good morning Dr. Faycal


This week I have submit my first report in my career at UNITED (one of Sabic affiliate). The report was an investigation about frequent bearing failure in a rotating unit inside ethylene plant.


The quality and the way the report was written surprised my manager and the senior manager too. They admire it.


And when I think about how I could made my first report in a way that gets my managers admire I can’t think  about any reason but the effort you put on us either in GE105 or in the graduation project to make a professional report.


I would really thank you for all the effort you have done to makes us in this situation.


Best regards.


Note: unfortunately,  due to the confidentiality  I can’t share the report with anyone outside the company.

Ibrahim Majed Khamees-Al

SEeD Engineer, WD&CI

Jubail United Petrochemical Company

A SABIC Affiliate


Saudi Arabia

T +966-133595269