Prior to joining King Saud University in 2009, Abdulaziz A. Alotaibi lived in the United States where he worked in both the private and public sectors. He was born in Michigan, raised in Arkansas, and moved to Virginia to pursue his higher education. The privilege of living in different places allowed Alotaibi to interact with and be exposed to many higher education institutions where he developed a strong interest in higher education issues, policy formation, and implementation.
قبل انضمامه إلى جامعة الملك سعود في عام 2009، عمل د. عبد العزيز العتيبي في الولايات المتحدة في كل من القطاعين الخاص والعام. ولد في ولاية ميشيغان، ونشاء في ولاية أركنساس، واكمل دراسته الاكاديمية في ولاية فرجينيا مما سمح له بالتعامل مع اكثر من مؤسسة تعليمية للتعليم العالي. ولذلك فإن د. العتيبي لديه اهتمام قوي بقضايا التعليم العالي وتشكيل السياسة العامة، والتنفيذ.
An introductory course in research methods. This course is a prerequisite for MPA students who didn't acquire previous knowledge about scientific research    
.MPA course that addresses current public policy and budgeting issues using scientific approaches and theories
This course is intended to introduce MPA students to the first authentic scientific research project. Students must produce scientific research paper ready for publication.


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