MIS 450: E-Healthcare Information Systems Management

This course provides students with an understanding of how information systems and technology can be used to help decision makers and health care providers in the delivery of health services. Students will be exposed to various applications used in hospitals and health organizations and how such applications can be evaluated and/or improved.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of health information systems theory and information management.
  • Introduce the application of information systems in support of direct patient care and administrative applications.
  • Discuss the emerging new technologies in HIT such as telemedicine, and social media.
  • Present case studies which highlight implementation challenges and success with health information technology implementations in Saudi Arabia.
  • Discuss how Enterprise Resource Planning software packages can be used within the healthcare field.

1. Required Textbooks:

  • Karen A. Wager, Frances W. Lee, and John P. Glaser Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management, Second edition, 2009, Author.
  • Richard Gartee, Health Information Technology and Management, 2011

2- Recommended Textbook:

  • Charles J. Austin and Stuart Boxerman Information Systems for Health Services Administration - 6th Edition, 2012.
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