Arch 410

This studio focuses on the design of multifunctional and mixed use projects related to the public or private sector. Students apply their analytical and data gathering skills to construct a detailed program, and implement this program to develop their design concepts. Students undertake one or two projects during the semester, in addition to two sketch designs.

Computer modeling and presentation techniques are encouraged during all phases of the design in addition to freehand sketching, however, students are required to submit  their final design presentation using computational tools.


Grade distribution
  • Participation and Attendence 20%
  • Architectural program 10%
  • Sketch designs 10%
  • Periodic Evaluations (3) 30%
  • Final presentation and Jury 30%


Handouts and useful Links

Skills and Requirements to design
Based on a mindmap that outline the basic skills and elemental requirements to design.

Site Analysis
Site Analysis Check list Source and type of information

Space Adjacency Analysis Presentation