BCH 600. Thesis

Introduce the techniques required in a biochemical laboratory; provide the student with a degree of competency in biochemistry; Provide the student with the skills necessary to analyze chemicals and chemical reactions quantitatively; provide practice in the use of spectroscopy and other techniques to determine the structure of compounds and the fundamental properties of their reactions; introduce student to the techniques of protein purification and protein characterization; provide practical experience in the determination of enzyme kinetic parameters; provide an introduction to the chemical and biochemical literature and the library; provide an introduction to preparing lab reports and documents. How to write the lab report, how to do data analysis and how to do oral presentation
Master’s thesis supervisor
o Main supervisor: Maram Hamad Ali Alshuwaymi, Identification of a molecular biomarker for the early prediction of breast and ovarian cancers in cancer-free BRCA1-methylated carriers
o Main supervisor: Nouf Nasser Abduallah AlGhunaim, Association of apolipoprotein E and clusterin gene polymorphisms with the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in Saudi subjects
o Main supervisor: Ebtesam Yahya Qasem, RAS, TERT promoter and BRAF mutations in poorly differentiated thyroid cancer
o Main supervisor: Noura Saad Nasser Alshuil, In vitro screening for the anticancer properties of different extracts of Qaisum Achillea fragrantissima
o Main supervisor: Wadha Aldossary, The effects of point mutation (P.Gly61Glu) in the CYP1B1 gene on optic nerves which may cause glaucoma
o Co-supervisor: Hind Muidh Mben Alharthi, Clinical significance of serum NLRP3 levels and associated cytokines in Saudi patients with metabolic syndrome
o Co-supervisor: Albatul Yousef Abdullah Alshwei, Serum tristetraprolin levels in Saudi patients with or without metabolic syndrome and its association with the insulin resistance index and adiponectin
o Co-supervisor: Dalal Zaid Nukhilan Alhawti, The association between perilipin 3 and type 2 diabetes mellitus
o Co-supervisor: Hind Alfadul, The association between essential minerals with concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D among Saudi patients
o Co-supervisor: Reem Almutiry, The association between the IL-6 and TNF-a gene polymorphism of IL-6 and TNF-a and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in Saudi subjects

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