Oral Medicine I - DDS 422 DDS

Course Description
            This course contains several lectures about general oral medicine subjects that are very important for the general dental practitioner.  This is supported by clinical sessions in which students will see and treat patient with oral lesi
B.        Course Objectives
            During this course the students should learn and practice several aspects of oral medicine.  This will include:
1.     Ability to recognize systemic conditions that may affect dental patients.
2.     Recognition and diagnosis of oral soft and hard tissue changes.
3.     Request the proper investigative procedures needed for the patient based on the oral and systemic findings.
4.     Management and treatment of patients with oral soft and hard tissue changes.
5.     Patient referral procedures and dental report writing.
C.        Course Outline
            The activities for this course will include:
.           Clinical sessions , case presentation and seminars
            The student will see and treat patient and will be required to write a short report about a patient with systemic disease.  He/she will present the case with the aid of photo slides to the class and instructors.
            The presentation should take no more than 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.  Faculty member or instructor who checked the patient in the clinic will supervise report writing and slide preparation.
            Topics of the most common oral manifestations will discussed in seminars.

Course Materials