Oral Medicine II - 491 DDS

This is the final oral medicine course to be given to students in thier final year of undergraduate trainig. Th course is structured so that each student is able to achieve the following objectives:

1. Demonstrate sound knowledge of principle behavior with patients and staff and communicate ethically and effectively. 
2. Use knowledge of relevant basic science to diagnose systemic diseases, oral and para oral lesions and diseases. 
3. Apply evidence based reasoning and practices to provide comprehensive care of medically compromised patients with oral lesions. 
4. Utilize problem solving, critical thinking and decision making to assist in diagnosis of oral diseases and temporomandibular disorders.
5. Perform thorough examination of head and neck region, including oral, TMJ and cranial nerves. 
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the proper selection of indicated laboratory diagnostic procedures and interpretation of their results. 
7. Cooperate with others in team-work searching for information through IT and to write a scientific report and present it to the class. 


Course Materials