CHEM 245; Principles of Organic Chemistry 2

Organic halides (Types – Physical properties - Preparation and reactions (nucleophilic substitution reactions SN1 and SN2 - elimination reactions E1 and E2).
Alcohols & Phenols (Nomenclature IUPAC – properties - synthesis and reactions of alcohols and phenols, their applications).
Ethers and Epoxides (Nomenclature, properties, synthesis and Reactions).
Aldehydes and Ketones (Nomenclature, properties, synthesis and Reactions, nucleophilic addition reaction and their reactivity's and applications).
Carboxylic acids and their derivatives (Nomenclature, properties and acidities, synthesis and reactions and their applications).
Amino compounds (Nomenclature, properties-basicity, synthesis and Reactions and applications in organic synthesis via diazonioum salts derivatives).

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