CHEM 240; Principles of Organic Chemistry (I)

Introduction (Carbon Compounds, Chemical Bonds (ionic, Covalent), Atomic and Molecular orbitals, Hybridization, Polarity and Inductive effect).
Alkanes, Cycloalkanes (Alkyl groups, IUPAC nomenclature, Physical properties, Sources off, Synthesis. Reactions (Combustion, Halogenation, Ring opening). Configuration, cyclohexanes.
Stereochemistry (Structural isomers and Stereoisomerism, Enantiomers, Diastereomers and Chirality, D and L, The R-S system, Resolution, Molecules with more than one chiral carbon, Reactions of chiral molecules: Inversion, Racemization).
Alkenes and Alkynes (IUPAC nomenclature, Physical properties, Synthesis (Dehydrohalogenation, from vicinal dihalides, Dehydration of alcohols). Reactions (Acidity of terminal alkynes, Addition reactions (Reduction, Halogenation, Addition of HX – Markovnikov rule, Carbonium ions and their stability, Reaction mechanism), Addition in the presence of peroxides, Hydration, Halohydrin formation), Oxidation of Alkenes (KMnO4, Peroxides and Ozonolysis).
Conjugated Dienes (Allyl radical and stability, Allyl cation, 1,3-Butadiene - electron delocalization, Resonance and the Stability of conjugated dienes, 1,4-Addition and 1,4-Cycloaddition reactions of diene).
Aromatic Compound (Aromaic character, Hukel rule, Nomenlature, Electrophilic substitution reactions (Alkylation, Acylation, Halogenatio, Sulphonation, Nitration; reaction mechanism), Side chain halogenation and oxidation, Reactivity and Orientation in substituted benzene, Polynuclear aromatics).

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