CHEM 445: Chemistry of Natural Products

Organic Chemistry Chem. 445 is a Level 4 course for BSc. students who passed organic chemistry courses offered on level 1, 2, and 3 whose intention is to graduate with Honors in Chemistry, Major in Chemistry. Chem. 445 is an elective course, helps students to fully comprehend the chemistry of many natural products, terpenoides, steriodes, alkaloids and flavenoides in use such as drugs and food. The goal of this course is to expose students to natural products. The course will focus on some of the key isolation methods manufacturing technologies and applications.  The aim is not only to teach students to how to isolate and prepare the the above compounds  but also to know the method of identifiaction, analysis , separation techniques. Moreover, it develop in the students the ability to exprese their idea as well as applyy their knowledge and skills to  interpret how to analyse and idenfied unkown. To achieve the above mentioned goal and be able to produce these chemical products in the right chemical form is the jurisdiction of the study of Chem. 445.
Course Materials