CHEM 145: Organic Chemistry for Health Colleges

List of Topics
Introduction (structural theory, Lewis structures, isomers, basic resonance theory, hybrid orbitals, covalent bonding, shapes of molecules, polarity of molecules and bonds)
Alkanes and cycloalkanes:
Alkyl groups, IUPAC nomenclature, Physical properties, Sources, preparation, and reactions
Alkenes and Alkynes:
IUPAC nomenclature, Physical properties, Synthesis, isomerism, and Addition reactions.
Aromatic compounds:
Aromatic character, Hukel rule, Nomenclature, Electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions
Organic halides:
IUPAC nomenclature, classification, Physical properties, Synthesis, Grignard reagents, Nucleophilic substitution reactions.
Alcohols, Ethers and Phenols:
IUPAC nomenclature, classification, Physical properties, hydrogen bonding, Synthesis (from Aldehydes and Ketones, reaction of Grignard reagent with Aldehydes and Ketones) Reactions: Acidity, Formation of esters, ethers, Water elimination.
Aldehydes and Ketones:
Nomenclature, Physical properties. Synthesis, Reactions: Nucleophilic addition reactions.
Carboxylic acids and derivatives,
Nomenclature of acids and derivatives, Physical properties. Preparation and reactions of acids and derivatives.
Nomenclature, classification, physical properties. Basicity, preparation and reactions.
Course Materials