Highlighting the Need for Engineering Education for Females in Saudi Arabia

Conference Paper
El-Sherbeeny, Ahmed Mohammed . 2014
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Conference Proceedings
females, engineering, Saudi Arabia
Conference Name: 
121st ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition
Conference Location: 
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Conference Date: 
Sunday, June 15, 2014
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ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education)
Publication Abstract: 

Although Saudi Arabia currently holds some of the leading academic institutions in the Middle East as proven by international rankings, particularly in the engineering and scientific disciplines, there is also almost an absence of major engineering specialties for females. This paper highlights the near nonexistence of engineering education for females in Saudi Arabia (with the exception of the newly-integrated single program in King Abdul-Aziz University), why it is almost absent, as well as the different academic, job-related, and cultural justifications for this phenomenon. It also subjectively compares it with similar models existing in nearby gulf countries, as evidenced by the superior performance of female engineers in recent GCC engineering competitions. This paper finally proposes a plan of action possibly utilizing current education technologies that could be taken to promote engineering education in Saudi Arabia.