Ergonomic Evaluation of Vehicle License Plates used in Saudi Arabia

Conference Paper
M., El-Sherbeeny, Ahmed . 2019
Publication Work Type: 
Conference Proceedings
License plates, Saudi Arabia, Cars, Motorcycles
Conference Name: 
Third European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
Conference Location: 
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Conference Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Sponsoring Organization: 
IEOM Society
Publication Abstract: 

Vehicle license plates are essential for identification and are closely associated with road safety and security. This paper highlights a few studies that involve the evaluation of license plates for vehicles used in Saudi Arabia. There currently exists two types of license plates for cars (normal and long) and one type for motorcycles. The authors examine various readability design aspects of the license plates. Based on the results, an enhanced design for each type of plate is suggested. Results from a pilot survey also support the preference of the proposed design for each type of plate.

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