MGMT-2311: Public Relations Management

Module Description:
This course surveys the function of public relations and its role in contemporary organizations. It views public relations as a strategic management process that is aimed at helping organizations enhance their effectiveness through strong reputations and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders. Throughout this course, the function of public relations will be contextualized by addressing the link between its generic principles and culture sensitive practices. Students should acquire knowledge about the history of public relations in modern organizations and variety of theories and paradigms of effective public relations. Students should gain skills in the practical arts of market and audience research and analysis, campaign development, image and text design, media relations, crisis management, and communication ethics.
Module Objectives:
The course prepares students for effective and ethical public communication on behalf of contemporary for-profit or non-profit organizations.
Required Textbooks:
Developing the public relations campaign by Bobbitt R. & Sullivan (Pearson: Upper Saddle River, JN - 3rd edition)

Course Materials