Permittivity Reconstruction of Non-dispersive Materials Using Transmitted Power at Microwave Frequencies

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Ramahi, Seyed H Mirjahanmardi, Ali M Albishi, Omar M . 2020
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Sponsored work
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IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
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This paper presents a dielectric characterization method based on transmitted power measurements in the microwave regime for non-dispersive materials. The method can retrieve the dielectric properties of materials utilizing multi-objective functions enforced at multiple frequencies without the need for phase information which requires expensive measurement setups. Therefore, a signal generator and a power meter are all that is needed to retrieve the permittivity of materials. To validate the method numerically, two structures including free space and a coaxial line are used. For experimental verification, a coaxial line is designed and fabricated to retrieve the dielectric properties of several materials. Both simulation and measurement results show the high accuracy level of the proposed technique.