Alia Al-Abdulkarim

التعريف الشخصي: 
Assistant Professor at King Saud University - College of Computer Information and Sciences - Department of Information Technology


Work Experience

2018-present - Assistant Professor (King Saud University, College of Computer Information and Sciences)

2011-2018 - Lecturer (King Saud University, College of Computer Information and Sciences)

2008-2011 – Teaching Assistant (King Saud University, College of Computer Information and Sciences)

·    Responsible for courses’ laboratories and tutorial lectures.

 September, 2007 – March 2008 – Junior Software Engineer (Atos Origin Middle East (part of hp groups), SADAD Project – Software Development Department)


·    Was responsible for restructuring the XML Schema that was used for validating the XML messages which were sent to and received from partners.

·    Managed best practices for defining and structuring data integration using the XML as the base uniform transmission.

·    Wrote a piece of code using Java that enhanced the performance of an existing method.

·    Define the business dictionary for SADAD messages.


 September, 2007- Academic Information System Operator (King Saud University,  

                             College of Applied Sciences and Community Service)


·    Volunteered two weeks where I was responsible for dropping and adding courses for students using the Academic Information System.




Educational Background


King Saud University, Riyadh

·        2018 - PhD in Computer Science

·        2011 – M.Sc. in Computer Science

Graduation project: A new method for classifying strabismus cases using data mining techniques.


·        2007 – B.Sc. in Information Technology          GPA: 4.82

Graduation project: Distributed heterogeneous databases – Medical Record eXchanger (MRX): an electronic mean of medical record sharing among hospitals by creating a virtual patient medical record which is gathered from the patient’s medical records that reside at different hospitals.


CSC 211: Visual Programming

CSC 311: Web Engineering

CSC 430: Information Security

CSC 261: Database

IT 324: Information Security

IT 219: Physics for IT

IT 371: Application Security