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Complex Analysis course 385

Female Section-El Malaz.

Lecturer: Dr. Zeinab Mansour

Office:63:Second floor, Building 21.



Mobile number :  0542016860

Lecture schedule: 9-9:50 am On  Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

The office hours: 12-12:50 pm  On Saturday,  Monday, and Wednesday. If you need to meet me on a different time you , please take an  appointment.

The instructor: Manal Al Faleeg.

The training Schedule:1-3 pm on Wednesday.

 Essential References:

1-  E.B. Saff and A.D. Snider,  Fundamentals of Complex analysis for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

 2-M.J. Ablowitz and A.S. Fokas, Complex variables: Introduction and Applications.

There are a huge numbers of  books in complex analysis

that you can use and  download  from the internet. Just visit the site  and sign in to be able to download books.


Teaching Strategy:

Learning Mathematics , in my opinion, is like learning swimming. You can not swim if you just listen, and watch  your trainer without trying to apply what he(she)

teaches you.   In order to do that you should follow the following rule

1.  On each lecture, I will give you a task to do like reading the next lesson or solve some problems to discuss. You should do that to be able to follow us in the lecture.

2.  Do not go to the training section without trying to solve the problems in advance.

The instructor’s mission is to help you to solve the problems you could not solve not to solve all the problems of the sheets.



3-Do not hesitate to ask about any thing you do not understand or missed in the lecture. Otherwise you may not be able to follow the remaining part of the course.


Assessments :

Quizzes:  There will be a regular quiz every two weeks in additions  to “Pop”  quizzes  or 4-minute paper quizzes.  

Mid-Term Exams: There are two main  mid-term exams: each one of 20 degrees. If you have any excuse for absence. You should bring an official excuses. Please  be advised that the alternative exams are done only for one time and no excuses can be accepted if a student does not attend the  alternative exam. 




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