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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

 ZAHOOR ALI KHAN                      


·        Extensive years of experience in information technology with emphasis on with the setup and maintenance of Computer labs connected in network, their maintenance, and solutions.

·        Experience in data communication and networking and relational data box management, maintenance of window NT & windows 2000 based server.

·        Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me/98, DOS, Linux, Windows NT 4.00, Windows 2000, MS-Office, SQL Server 7.

·        Maintenance and servicing of computers and their peripherals such as Dot-matrix printers-ink jet & laser printer, scanners mouse

·        A good decision-maker, who is well organized resourceful and efficient

·        Equally effective working in management project and as a member of Team.

·        Ability to think open-mindedly and be creative evens in most mundane of situations.

·        Effective team worker with excellent initiation, co-ordination and motivational skills.

·        Focusing and objective in my work approach with an attitude of getting the work done, especially under pressure.

Academic Qualification



M.Sc. (Computer  Engineering)

University of Engineering and Technology Texila Pakistan

M.Sc. (Electronics)

Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan

B.Sc (Maths, Physics)

Peshawar University N.W.F.P. Pakistan

F.Sc. (Pre Engineering)

B.I.S.E. Abbottabad N.W.F.P. Pakistan

Technical Qualification

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

ID # 2254486

Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA 98052-6399 United States of America

Computer Courses

Technical Board Peshawar N.W.F.P. Pakistan


v           Presently working as Lecturer at “King Saud University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, BMT Department, Riyadh (K.S.A)” from October, 2002.

v           Worked as Computer Engineer at “Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA), I.T. Department, Riyadh (K.S.A)” from July, 2000 to September, 2002.

v           Worked as Director Training at “Com-Soft Computer Training Institute Islamabad Pakistan” from January, 1999 to August, 1999.

v           Worked as Computer/Electronics System Engineer at “Eastern Television News Islamabad Pakistan” from August, 1999 to November, 1999.

v           Worked as Lecturer at “Govt. Post Graduate College, Electronics Department, Haripur N.W.F.P.  Pakistan” for the session 1999/2000.

v           Teaching Experience of Computer Languages (C, OOP C++) at “Mr. Computers Islamabad Pakistan” from February, 1999 to May, 1999.


v           CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator)

v           CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)



v           Assembling and Upgrading any type of computers

v           Disassembling the PC Safely

v           Installing DVD ROM, Floppy drive and Other Components of PC

v           Identifying faults with post and advanced diagnostics

v           Trouble Shooting advanced CMOS setup problems

v           Installing & configuring the memory

v           Creating & maintaining system configuration files

v           Installing & configuring hard disks

v           Recovering erased files & directories

v           Repartitioning & coning a disk partition

v           Detecting and preventing macro viruses

v           Editing the windows registry

v           Configuring hardware with windows device manager

v           Troubleshooting

v           Repairing


v            Installation and configuration Windows NT Servers (File and Print Servers, Domain controllers, Stand Alone) and Workstation, Microsoft Exchange Server, Win 95/98/Me/XP, 2000 in Network

v           Implement Disaster Recovery Plans like Configure UPS on servers, Backup Strategies, Virus Scanning Servers

v           Install and handle the Juke Boxes for the Backup of Archives

v           Install and manage SQL server to handle databases in the network

v           Installation of any type of Software

v           Configuration for dial up Network for Internet & Emails

v           Configuration for Remote Access Servers

v           Adding Clients to server using Windows NT, Windows 2000 & Windows 95/98/Me/XP Operating Systems

v           Establish and maintain network printing

v           Organize and configure network resources

v           Supervise the installation of the electronic equipments

v           Monitoring System and Application performance

v           Installation, Configuring and Administering Win 2000 Server, NT 4.0 & 2000 Professional

v           Implementing & Administering Win 2000/NT 4.0 Network infrastructure

v           Designing a Win 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure

v           Design Security for a win 2000 Network

v           Win 2000/NT Server Trouble shooting

v           Organize Users and groups

v           Organize Administering hierarchically

v           Establish local & network resource security

v           Migrate from previous NT version to 2000

v           Plan & implement the internetworking

v           Install & Troubleshoot TCP/IP on Win NT & 2000

v           Configuration of TCP/IP automatically with DHCP

v           Trouble shooting IP addresses

v           Choosing subnet masks

v           Routing with Win NT/2000

v           Trouble shooting TCP/IP networks with ping

v           Discovering internetworking components to manage network growth

v           Verifying network robustness

v           Determining network data delivery needs

v           Evaluating alternative cabling & wireless approaches

v           Selecting appropriate components

v           Choosing an optimal LAN networking approach

v           Upgrading a legacy network

v           Provide intranet & internet security

v           Configuring adapters, protocols & services

v           Configuring, administering & tuning win NT

v           Monitoring windows performance

v           Accessing resources on a Win 2000 Server

v           Integrating Win NT, TCP/IP

v           Testing twisted – Pair cable using category 5 tester

v           Analyzing problems with TCP/IP utilities

v           Measuring LAN traffic and the effect of Bridges, Switches & routers

v           Defining LAN topologies to optimize network layout

v           Using MAC filters to control traffic flow

v           Using switches to enhance network performance

v           Solving duplicate IP address problems

v           Trouble shooting IP Configuration problems

v           Building internets with IP routers Configuring & testing

v           Creating & using domain trusts

v           Maintaining PDC & BDC domain Controller

v           Creating user accounts, groups & logon Scripts

v           Controlling access to files & directories

v           Establishing and using shared Network resources

v           Configuring Win NT Server Domain accounts and profiles

v           Implementing the NT Server system policies

v           Assigning & maintaining System services

CISCO Routers

v               Install and configure Cisco routers to build multi-protocol inter-networks

v               Create Cisco router configuration files from scratch

v               Configure IP and IPX routing protocols

v               Troubleshoot IP/IPX routing problems using Cisco’s debug commands

v               Perform software and hardware upgrades

v               Effectively manage and maintain Cisco routers with SNMP

operating System

v          Ms DOS             

v          Windows 3.11/95/97/98/Me/2000/XP

v     Windows NT/Server 2003

v     Unix/Linux


v       FORTRAN

v       Turbo C

v       Object Oriented Programming C++

v       Assembly Z-80/8086/8088

v     Assembly (Micro Controller 8051)

v     Unix Shell Programming


v             Tam Pro (Image Documentation)

v             Ms Word

v             Ms Excel

v             Ms Power Point

v             Harvard Graphics

v     Ms outlook

v     Ms Access

v     Netscape Navigator

v     Instant Artist

v     Kaatib

v     In page

v     Internet Explorer

v     Corel Draw

v     P-Spice

v     Electronics Work Bench

COURSES ATTENDED                                                                       

Computer Courses

v          Digital Logic Design

v          Data Structure

v          Computer Architecture & Organization

v          Software Engineering

v          Micro Processor Based Design

v          Networking Essentials

v     TCP IP For NT Server 4

v     Windows NT Server 4.0

v     Windows NT Work station 4.0

v     Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise

v     Internet Information Server 4.0

Communication Courses

v          Digital and Analog Communication (AM, FM, PCM, DPCM, ADPCM, DM, ADM, Information Theory, Error Correcting Codes)

v          Digital Signal Processing

General Courses

v           Laser & Optical Fiber

v           Power Electronics

v           Network Analysis

v           Control Systems

v     Basic Quantum Electronics

v     Advanced Engineering Mathematics

v     Basic Electronics


v     Research on “Medical Waste Disposal System in Saudi Arabia”

v     Image Compression Using JPEG Standard

v     GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver

v     Electro Surgical Unit

v     Serial to Parallel Converters

v     Parallel to Serial Converters

v     Traffic Light Simulator

v     Toll Plaza


v     References may be provided on request

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