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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة



Personal Data

·       Name               : Ahmed Selim Abd El- Wahab Mohamed Ghanem

·       Nationality      : Egyptian

·       Date of Birth   : 30 Oct, 1971

·       Place of Birth  : Alexandria


·       E- mail             :  ahmedselem 2000 @

·       Mobile             : 0020 106456295

·       Fax                   : 002034841524



Contribute in disseminations of the ancient Arabic poem and critic through the editing of Arabic Heritage (A.H), within the Abbassied Period  with the hope to become specialized publisher of those in the long run.



· Ph.D. 2005, from the Department of Arabic Language and Oriental Languages and Literature, Critic and Rhetoric Branch.

· Dissertation Title: " The issue of intertextuality in Arabic Criticism Till the End of the Seventh Higry Century in an issue of Critique Studies".

· Degree: First Class Honour.


· M.A, 2000, from the Department of Arabic Language and Oriental Languages and Literature, Critic and Rhetoric Branch.

· Thesis title: "Abu Al Farag Al Asfahany's Approach to Apocryphal Poetry in Al- Aghani: A critical Documentary Study".

· Degree:Excellent.


· B.A, 1994, from the Department of Arabic Language and Oriental Languages and Literature.

· degree: Good.

 Scientific Experience


· Diploma, 2004, From The Researches Institute and Arabic Studies, Department of "Codicologie" and  Manuscripts Editing.


· Read lecture at The 4th Culture season for the Arabic Heritage Centre, Egyptian National Library and Archives (MS Editing Centre), Cairo, May 15, 2005, the greatest Editor, Freitz Krenkow: Glimpse of his efforts in editing Arabic Heritage.


· Read A lecture at The Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, March 2005.


· Edited Diwan Al Ma-any Book , By Abu Helal Al Askary, Published at Dar Al-Gharb Al-Islami, Beirut, 2003.


· Three researches published in The Journal of The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts:

1.   Measurements of Documenting Anonymous poem In Fourth Hegira Century; Taking Alleghany (the songs) As a Model. November 2003.

2.   What Is Not Published of (Diwan Alma-any) by Abu Hilal Al Askary. May 2003.

3.   What is lost of The Poem of Abu Hilal Al Askary: Collecting and Documenting. May 2002.


· Two researches published in The Journal TURΆTHIYYΆt: A Semi – Annual Periodical By The M.S Editing Center.


· Research published in The Journal Al-Arab: In K.S.A.


· Two researches in Tow Conferences  at The Manuscript Center In Bibliotheca Alexandrina:




· He has Many Researches will be published at Many Journals and Foundations such as: Al-Furqăn Heritage Foundation, Al-Ahmadia Journal published by Research House For Islamic Studies and Heritage Revival, Alam Al-Kutub Journal (K.S.A).




Has the ability of critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation.



Activities and Interests

· Member of the Arabic Heritage Association, Alexandria.

· Cooperate with different Arabic Association concerned with (A.H.).

· Fond of Reading in all kinds of culture linguistic arts.

· Collect his own library – say about 5000 titles.

· Participate in most cultural activities available in Alexandria and Cairo (Conferences – Seminars –Exhibitions…..etc).




Has good contacts with distinguished thought leaders in Arabic language Arts and Manuscripts «Details will be submitted upon request».

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