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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

After some work, I was able to create this file to help us with the new "grades form" you can use it under your own responsibility. Please READ all the following  notes before you use the file. This is the first Version so, comeback for updates.  

  1. This file was created to help you and you are welcome to use it under your own responsibility
  2. This file was created using Excel 2003 and it is under test for Excel 2007
  3. Before using this file make sure that you have all marks as integer numbers
  4. To have the marks as integer numbers use function "CEILING".

For example CEILING (X2;1) to round up a number in cell X2

  1. Cells N2, N3, and N4 are to be filled according to your grade distribution and limits
  2. Column L is to check for integer and gives "OK" for integer numbers and a note otherwise
  3. Column M will check your limits found on Cells N2, N3, and N4 and gives "OK" if it is so and a note otherwise
  4. If you have 100 in column G, you need to have smaller font.
  5. Print test pages first and check the alignment.
  6. Print the pages from 1 to the one you have depending on the number of students (16 student/page) so if you have 20 students print from page 1-2
  7. Rows 1,18,35,52,69, and Column A should be kept empty for alignment. Columns B, C and D should filled according to final Exam Attendance.
  8. Print test pages first to check alignment and paper arrangement and make sure it is OK
  9. Be careful in placing the papers in the correct order to have the correct grades.
  10. Check the grades after printing to make sure every thing is OK.
  11. Please Refer to the URL: for updates.

I hope you find this work helpful to you and your collages and if you have any comments please let me know

Done By Dr. Zeyad AlSuhaibani (Mechanical Engineering Department) on h 1429/6/10 (2008/14/6)



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