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 Dr. Zeyad Alahmed

 Content Editor

د. زياد بن أحمد الأحمد - Dr. Zeyad A. Alahmed | KSU Faculty

My current interests

Laser Spectroscopy Computational Physics KSU-MPQ Cooperation

Laser Spectroscopy

The first area of my current interests involves studies of photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PTDS) on atoms such as Na and Rb using two-photon absorption. We have developed a theory of two-photon PTDS. Also, we have developed a new detection technique for PTDS that has a significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio and in the frequency bandwidth compared with those available with current techniques

Computational Physics

The second area of interest involves studies of physical properties of nanomaterials and bulk semiconductors using computational methods. I have studied chemical potentials and formation energy of a vacancy in perovskite structure using first-principles calculation method. Also, I have investigated effects of in-plane strains on structural, electronic, and electrical properties of ZnO using first-principles calculation.

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