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College of Dentistry






11 Sept. 2007

Course Introduction and Orientation

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

18 Sept. 2006

Inter-disciplinary Treatment Planning

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

25 Sept. 2007

Medical Ethics

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

CPR Course (Male) KKUH - Dept. of Anaesthesia

(September 29 - October 03, 2007)

R a m a d a n    H o l i d a y

(October 04 – 19, 2007)

23 Oct. 2007

Medically Compromised Patients

Dr. Waleed Abdullah

30 Oct. 2007

Practice Management Software and Internet

Dr. Anil Sukumaran

06 Nov. 2007

TMD Treatment Planning, Treatment and Management

Dr. Ziyad Salameh

13 Nov. 2007

Crown Lengthening Patient Assessment & Management

Dr. Khalid Al-Hamdan

20 Nov. 2007

Glass Ionomer I

Dr. Talal Al Qunaian

27 Nov. 2007

Glass Ionomer II

Dr. Talal Al Qunaian

04 Dec. 2007

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

11 Dec. 2007

All Ceramic Restorations

Dr. Alaa El Araby

H a j j   Ho l i d a y

(December 13 - 28 ,2007)

01 Jan. 2008

Occlusion in Prosthodontics - I

Prof. Ihab Hammad

08 Jan. 2008

Occlusion in Prosthodontics - II

Prof. Ihab Hammad

15 Jan. 2008

Endodontic Diagnosis

Dr. Solaiman Hadlaq

22 Jan. 2008

Surveyed Crowns

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

M I D  -  Y E A R   D I D A C T I C   E X A M I N A T I O N

02 February 2008







College of Dentistry



(Second Half of the Academic Year 1428-1429H)

Tuesday, Room 37/2A 2nd Floor - DUC

(Time: 8:00 – 9:00 AM)








M i d  - Y e a r  B r e a k

February 7 - 15, 2008

19 Feb. 2008

Overdenture Supported Implant

Dr. Khalil Al Ali

26 Feb. 2008

Single tooth Implants

Dr. Khalid Al-Hamdan

04 March 2008

Scientific Writing and Presentation of a Case

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

11 March 2008

Labial Veneers

Dr. Mohd. Al Qahtani

18 March 2008

Denture Adhesives: An overview

Prof. Salwa Khier

25 March 2008

Dental Amalgams: A Controversial Issue

Prof. Salwa Khier

01 April 2008

New Endodontic Instrumentation Techniques

Dr. Ahmed Al Kahtani

08 April 2008

New Endodontic Obturation Techniques

Dr. Ahmed Al Kahtani

M i d  -  2nd Semester  B r e a k

April 9 - 18, 2008

22 April 2008

Radiation hazards and protection in Dentistry

Dr. Ra’ed Al Sadhan

29 April 2008

Differential Diagnosis and Management of Head and Neck Swelling

Prof. Khaled El Sayed

06 May 2008

Management of Needed ER in Dental Office

Dr. Saad Sheta

13 May 2008

Forensic Dentistry

Prof. Khaled El Sayed

20 May 2008

Research Methodology

Prof. H.A. Mosadomi

27 May 2008

Regulations of Practicing Health Profession

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan

F I N A L   D I D A C T I C   E X A M I N A T I O N





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