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491 CDC: Comprehensive Dental Practice (Advanced Oral Surgery and Forensic Dentistry)

Dr. Zahrani

In the fifth year students are encouraged to bring all of their more complicated or extensive cases where they can perform oral surgical procedures by themselves under the guidance of oral surgery staff. The oral surgery staff are often invited throughout the discussion of treatment plan of the complicated cases in order to ensure a coordinated treatment for all patients and to contribute in an additional learning experience for the students. The students themselve will develop a strong foundation of professional knowledge coupled with the surgical skills thus enabling  them to recognize and select those cases for which lie within their limit of ability and to refer other surgical problems wisely. In addition students will develop a sense of confidence in their surgical skills and clinical judgment and to encourage a desire for continued professional development and self-improvement through continuing education courses, postgraduate courses or graduate training. As this course in mainly composed of clinical practice, selected topics in different specialty are nominated by the course director and to be given in a seminar like by emphasizing the  problem solving and problem based learning style. Few topics of oral surgery discipline are selected among them the differential diagnosis of lumps and masses of the neck, management of medical compromised patient in oral surgery clinics, and application of forensic dentistry for the seek of justice by general dentists.






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