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411 MDS: Clinical Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery                                                                        

Dr. Zahrani  

This course is designed into more advanced oral and maxillofacial surgery where the students learn more advanced techniques in oral surgery including complex exodontias. Other topics like odontogenic infections, major preprosthetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, major facial trauma, temporomandibular disorders, and management of salivary gland diseases and the protocols in hospital patient management will be discussed thoroughly in the second semester of the fourth year. Even though the students may never get to do this type of surgical management, it is important that they know about it and when and how they can recognize and refer patient to. The course includes an advanced level of discussion of medical-dental management, surgical and medical emergencies, surgical complications, diagnostic procedures of dentofacial deformities, clefts, reconstructive surgery and the criteria for referral. Special  lectures will deal with techniques of pain control including nitrous oxide, inhalation and intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. The surgical aspects to implant surgery are introduced to the students as part of the multidisciplinary dental implantology team. The biological and scientific basis for implant surgery are to be presented with special emphasis is on patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning, implant selection, surgical procedures and patient management and follow-up care.

Clinically this course continues to motivate students towards the practice of exodontias and dento-aveolar surgery and other minor oral surgical procedures as encountered in general practice of  dentistry. The students will learn about simple and difficult extractions by means of surgical extractions with sectioning and removal of roots. By this level the students must successfully demonstrated competency in surgical and non surgical extraction. They also get opportunity to do some more advanced oral surgery procedure including multiple extraction, biopsy and suturing. The students are also given an opportunity to rotate through the Oral and maxillofacial Surgery units in major hospitals where they have the privilage to observe the course of surgical treatment of major maxillofacial problems. On their rotation, students will primarily observe, assist, and learn basic techniques and join discussion with full-time clinicians.








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