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311 MDS: Oral Surgery in General practice                                                                             

Dr. A. Zahrani

This course is specifically designed to prepare the students for the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic, which is in the third year of their undergraduate level. The students in this course learn the principles of dento-alveolar surgery, diagnostic and procedural aspects of practice, surgical extractions of impacted teeth, preprosthetic,  implants and preapical endodontic surgery, management of space infections, pathology of oral and maxillofacial regions and biopsy procedures. Special attention given to fractures of the facial skeleton and their management. This course covers also the way of management of several types of complications of oral surgery such as fractured and displaced teeth, oro-antral communication and the sinus pathology, bone infection and the diagnosis and treatment of oral benign and malignant neoplasm. Understanding the theories and basic principles of internal medicine as applied to the organ systems and approaches to management of patients with common system diseases enable recognition and management of the medical emergency in the dental  office. These aspects will be taught with major emphasis on problem solving.

 The clinical training for this course stresses on the basic understanding of neuroanatomy and the methods of pain control during dento-alveolar and minor oral surgery and exodontias. This course provides chair-side discussion on diagnosis, management, and surgical treatment of disease of the oral cavity and supporting structures. A comprehensive  revision of the principles of exodontias, simple and complicated will be given a high consideration in addition to the clinical management of dental emergencies and surgical complications. Student will have the opportunity in this course to do simple and difficult extraction and practice some biopsy techniques whenever it is possible.







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