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211 MDS: Local Anesthesia, Pain Control  & Exodontia                                                         

Dr. A. Zahrani 

This is the oral and maxillofacial surgery introductory didactic course given in the second year and consists of two parts. The first part is about Local anesthesia and pain control and it introduces students to pain physiology and different pain theories and concepts. The course will discuss various pharmacological agents and their physiological actions and pharmacological properties, including the use of vasoconstrictors  and the likely complications of different local anesthetic agents. The students will be familiarize about the different techniques of local anesthesia in the maxilla and mandible with special emphasis directed to patient management and medical emergencies. By the end of this course Proficiency in local anesthesia will be expected and will be evaluated during their clinical training in the third year. The second part is about exodontias  with special attention to patients medical evaluation and assessment, surgical and non surgical extraction, instrumentation and techniques of extraction by forceps and dental elevators. The students will also learn the principle of surgery including wound care and wound healing, methods of disinfection and sterilization and asepsis techniques.






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