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 IE 441


  Work Analysis and Design


Introduction to work analysis and design; Methods engineering: study of the basic work measurement techniques; applications and limitations of the stop-watch time study, pre-determined motion time systems. To introduce students to the techniques of method study and work measurement. To teach the application of the principles of method improvements and the basic steps in the calculation of standard times for manual work


Course content

  1. Introduction; Productivity; Definition and Scope of Motion and Time Study.
  2. History of Motion and Time Study. The general problem solving process.
  3. Work methods design; Process analysis.
  4. Activity charts; Man and machine charts; Analysis and charting techniques.
  5. Micro-motion study; Motion study equipment; Film analysis.
  6. Fundamental hand motions; The use of fundamental hand motions.
  7. Principles of motion economy.
  8. Time study; Time study equipment; Making the time study; Rating factor; Allowances; Standard time.
  9. Work sampling.
  10. Determining time standards from standard data and formulas.
  11. Predetermined time systems.
  12. Measuring work by physiological methods; Fatigue and human factors.

Laboratory topics

  1. Charting.
  2. Direct time Study.
  3. Work Sampling.
  4. MTM applications.
  5. Operation and motion study.
  6. Term Project.



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