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ENT 311 Course for Dental students


طب وجراحة الانف والاذن والحنجرة

وجراحة الرأس والعنق


Course Code & No : ENT ( 311 )

رقم المقرر ورمزه: اذن (311 )

Course Name    : otorhinolaryngology course –dental student  

اسم المقرر: جراحة أنف وأذن وحنجرة وجراحة الرأس والعنق

Credits               :  1 hour

عدد الساعات المعتمدة: 1 ساعة


وصف المقرر:

يهدف هذا المقرر لإيصال معلومات مختلفة تحتوي على مواضيع تتناسب مع متطلبات أطباء الأسنان وجراحة الفم والفكين.

هذا المقرر يتكون من محاضرات نظرية تتحدث عن تشريح الأنف وأمراضه إضافة إلى أمراض الجيوب الأنفية والتي لها إتصال مباشر بأمراض الأسنان .

كما يحتوي هذا المقرر على معلومات مبسطة عن أمراض ألأذن وعلاجها . والصداع وكيفية التعامل مع امراض الحنجرة والبلعوم و الحالات الطارئة في هذا التخصص.


To deliver the ENT knowledge required for the Dental and Oral Surgeons that are not expected to be covered by the Dental College curriculum.



The course is separately delivered to the males and females dental college students by delivering a one hour didactic lecture every week (currently on Mondays) throughout the second semester of the academic year.



1.Brief anatomy of the Nose

2.Diseases of the Nose

3.Sinusitis and its Complications

4.Brief Ear Anatomy, Otitis Externa, Acute Otitis Media

5.Chronic Otitis Media and its Complications

6.Facial Nerve Paralysis

7.Headache and Facial Pain

8.Diseases of the Pharynx

9.Neck Masses

10.                 Common ENT Emergencies I

11.                 Common ENT Emergencies II

12.                 Airway Obstruction and its Management

13.                 Epistaxis and Foreign Bodies in ENT



A)   Continuous Assessment: usually is held in the middle of the course and carries 40 marks. It is usually composed of 20 MCQs .

B)  Final Examination: is held at the end of the course according to the schedule issued by the dental college. It carries 60 marks and usually is composed of 40 MCQs

C)  Summer second chance examination It is composed of 50 MCQ.  Each question will carry 2 marks to have a total of 100 marks.


Recommended Textbook


  1. Ear , Nose and Throat

By : W.Becker ( published by Thieme)

  1. Lecture Notes Of Diseases of Ear , Nose and throat 

By : P . Bull ( published by Blackwell science)

  1. Logan and Turner,s Diseases of Nose , Throat and Ear .

                By : A. Maran ( published by Wright)


Examples of MCQs


1.     The most common site of occurrence of simple nasal polyps is the:


A.                 nasal mucosa

B.                 ethmoid sinuses

C.                 nasal septum

D.                 inferior turbinate


2.                  Infection of the external auditory canal with aspergillus is called:


A.                 seborrheic otitis externa

B.                 necrotizing otitis externa

C.                 otomycosis

D.                 diffuse otitis externa


3.                  Acute otitis media may cause the following EXCEPT:


A.                 fever

B.                 conductive hearing loss

C.                 purulent ear discharge

D.                 tenderness of the auricle



  1. B
  2. A
  3. D


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