Prof. Dr. Yousif A. Alshumaimeri

Welcome to my website

The use of computers in education is increasingly growing with success. Recent developments in computer technology have increased the potential of it in education in general and language education in specific.
I have made this website in order to help students and researchers taking my courses. Within this site one can download courses' materials, syllabuses, home-works. It offers an opportunity to contact me at any time.  It also offers several links to interesting and helpful sites and activities already existing on the web for teaching English as a foreign language.

 Contact Info :

  أ. د. يوسف بن عبدالرحمن الناصر الشميمري
  Prof. Dr. Yousif A. Alshumaimeri
  Professor of TESOL
  Curriculum and Instruction Department
  College of Education  
  King Saud University
  P.O.Box: 2454
  Riyadh: 11451
  Saudi Arabia
  Tel: +9661 4674640
  Fax: +9661 4674609
  E-mail: yousif@alostath.com, yousif@ksu.edu.sa

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