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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Master Theses and projects


  - Tasneem Al Aouichek, Continuous and discrete QPSO for motif discovery in Bioinformatics, expected graduation june 2009.


-        A. Layeb, A quantum inspired evolutionary approach for multiple sequence alignment, 2005.

-        K. Mahdi, Quantum computing concepts for solving combinatorial multiobjective optimisation problems, 2006

-        S. Chelloug, Amorphous Computing Paradigm and Growing Neural Gas Algorithm for data clustering: application in bioinformatics and image segmentation, 2006.

-        S. Nebti, Co-evolutionary algorithms for image segmentation, 2006.

-        A. Deneche, Artificial immune systems for pattern recognition, may 2006

-        C. Ramdane, Quantum inspired evolutionary approach for data clustering,, may 2006.

-        A. Abbassene, Evolving cellular automata for edge detection by emergence, june 2006.

-        N. Benlahreche, Handling multiple sequence alignment in bioinformatics with Multiobjective optimisation, 2007.

-        R. Bendana, Feature extraction for image processing and analysis, 2007.

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