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Here you find free-Books, free-journals, free-reprints, and preprints. You can download. You can also see recent congress of Mathematics and the home page of operator theorists and operator algebraists, some general mathematical information , mathematical socities and mathematical journals

 Links of interest to Operator Theorists and Operator Algebraists 

o        Canadian Operator Theory and Operator Algebras Symposium, Edmonton 1998.

o        Sam Walter's Operator Algebraist Page at UNBC. He has a boatload of links there as well, including:

§         Operator Algebraists Home Pages  

Miscellaneous Links:

Math department web servers.

Home pages of operator algebraists.
Los Alamos (Functional analysis preprints, especially operator algebras).
Rob Kirby's letter about the inflation of costs of math
worldwide list of mirrors for Stanford's Macintosh archive.

For a math-friendly search engine, try...

MAT4340 - Elementær funksjonalanalyse - Høsten 2007

25th Nordic and 1st British-Nordic congress of Mathematicians, Oslo 8-11 June 2009


Abel symposium on Operator Algebras, Oslo 2-6 September 2004

Another website has been created by Bertrand Monthubert.

A new blog Noncommutative Geometry has been created by Arup Pal and Masoud Khalkhali.

A Journal of Noncommutative Geometry has been created.

    • Books
  • Noncommutative geometry

Academic Press, San Diego, CA, 1994, 661 p., ISBN 0-12-185860-X.

  • Conversations on Mind, Matter, and Mathematics
  • Triangle of Thoughts

With André Lichnerowicz and Marcel Paul Schützenberger

Photographs of Math Guys and Gals

School of Mathematics and
 School of Physics
  (Physics Page)
Institut Universitaire de France

UCSB Mathematics Department

Hilbert - Sam Walters' Homepage
University of Oregon Webmail
Homepage of N. Christopher Phillips

IMS Home Page
AMS Home Page
CMS Home Page
History of Mathematics Archive

Programs for Graphing Calculators

 Programs for different graphing calculators. To see the programs or download them, please click here.

The operator algebra group at Tokyo

List of books on operator algebras

·         Internatioal Liaison Office, Dept. of Math. Sci.

              SNF-center in Non-commutative Geometry


Operator Algebra Resources

This page contains lists of some resources useful to mathematicians working in the subject of operator algebras. Please use this link to email me if you find any link that does not work or have suggestions for information to be included here.


  1. General and regional operator algebra information sites
  2. People in operator algebras
  3. Books, journals, reprints, and preprints
  4. Conferences
  5. Websites for specific subareas of operator algebras and specific subareas of other fields with connections to operator algebras
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Some general mathematical information

General and regional operator algebra information sites

People in operator algebras




Operator algebras at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense).










Books, journals, reprints, and preprints

Mirror sites for the arXiv in various countries (only the main page is given, but the analogs of the links above probably work at all the mirrors):


  • The announcements related to operator algebras (as they appeared in updates to N. C. Phillips' email directory) contain many conference announcements submitted by the organizers. The announcements are usually very short, but for some there are links to more complete information, and for some a longer announcement is available via this link.
  • An incomplete list of conferences in Japan (in English); in Japanese.
  • Conferences on K-theory: mirror sites in Germany; in the USA.
  • Conferences on groupoids,
  • Regular conference series. Items listed here are conference series (mostly regional) which normally have at least one event per year and whose coverage includes operator algebras. I have given the region served and what I know about the usual timing and length. (Note that exceptions are always possible.) I have provided links to permanent home pages for the series when I am aware of them. Otherwise, for information on the next planned events, try looking at the recent announcements associated with the operator algebraist email directory, or try contacting an operator algebraist in the appropriate region.

Many operator algebra conferences are not part of series, or are part of series (such as CBMS) of unrelated specialized conferences; such conferences are not listed here. Again, for information on such conferences, look through the recent announcements associated with the email directory.

Please email me (N. Christopher Phillips) if you have additional information to be included here.

    • Great Plains Operator Theory Seminar (GPOTS), regional conference for the central U.S. (but once held in Puerto Rico), usually 4 to 5 days each spring. This is a permanent link to the next (or just past) conference.
    • Canadian Operator Symposium, regional conference for Canada (but once held in California), usually 4 to 5 days late in each spring. History (not an official site of the Canadian Operator Symposium, and does not have links to the websites of current conferences).
    • West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar (WCOAS), regional conference for western North America, usually one weekend early in each fall. There is no official home page for the WCOAS, but (as of July 2003) the locations for the conferences in the fall of 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 are listed on the home page of N. Christopher Phillips.
    • Wabash Modern Analysis Seminar, regional functional analysis seminar for Indiana and Illinois, usually 4 to 5 one day events each academic year, with less frequent larger events.
    • Iowa-Nebraska Functional Analysis Seminar (INFAS), a one day regional conference held twice a year (usually in April and October) in Des Moines IA and attended by groups from the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Nebraska; there are occasional larger events.
    • The Workshop in Linear Analysis and Probability, a month long workshop held each summer at Texas A&M University, and SUMIRFAS (Summer Informal Regional Functional Analysis Seminar).
    • North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS), a one or two day regional conference held three times a year at varying locations in the northern part of Britain.

Websites for specific subareas of operator algebras and specific subareas of other fields with connections to operator algebras

Subareas that are part of operator algebras are listed before subareas of other fields, but otherwise the order is random.


Some general mathematical information

Printed Journals with Mathematics and Internet sites 


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