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أسئلة شائعة


Conferences and Meetings :


  1.     S.Mecheri,,     On the operator equation AX-XB=C  and its applications in quantum mechanics, One day Algebra, KFUPM, March,1,2005.
  2.   S.Mecheri,,     Best approximants and its application in Quantum chemistry, One day Analysis and Applications, KFUPM, March 27, 2005
  3.   S.Mecheri,,      A Generalization of Webers Theorem, The Sixth Meeting of Saudi Association  for Mathematical Sciences, King Saud University, April 9-10 2002.
  4.   S.Mecheri,,     On the Range of a Generalized Derivation , Fifth Pan African Congress of Mathematics (PACOM’2000).
  5.    S.Mecheri,,     Generalized Derivation and the Identity,the VIII  International Conference     dedicated to Academician M.Kravchuk (May 11-14, 2000, Kyiv, Ukraine).
  6.    S.Mecheri,,    On the Commutant of an operators and its Powers,  Rencontre 2000  May  21-24, 2000 Algeria.
  7.    S.Mecheri,,      On the Range and the Kernel of a Derivation, Congrés International de Mathématiques de Rabat, 12- 14 April 1999.
  8.     S.Mecheri,,    On the Orthogonality, Congrés National de Mathematiques, Université de Annaba , May 1999.
  9.   S.Mecheri,,   On the weak operator Topology, Colloque National d’analyse et Applications, Université de Mostaganem, Octobre (1999).
  10. S.Mecheri,,   Commutants and Derivation Ranges, the 4th International Jordanian Mathematics Conference, Aug 24- Aug 26, 1998.
  11. S.Mecheri,    Derivation Ranges and the Identity,  37 th 2. Science Week, 1-6 November 1997, SYRIAN Arab Republic.
  12.  S.Mecheri,,   L’image d’une Derivation et L’identité, National Conference of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. May 97 (RAMA97) M’sila University , Algeria.


Forthcoming Conferences 



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