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       MY CV


First Name:      Salah

Last Name :     Mecheri

Date and place of birth  : 15/03/1958 Tebessa, Algeria

Institution : King Saud University

College :   Science

Department :  Mathematics

Address: King Saud University,  College of Science, Department of Mathematics

P.O.Box 2455, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

E.mail :

Phone number :   00966 1467 6517 (office)

                               00966501874833   (Mobile)

Fax number :      00966 1467 6512

Resarch interest:  Functional Analysis, Operator theory,  Operator Matrix,  Spectral theory, Best Approximations.

University Degrees :

1)    Doctorate  (Doctorat d’ état en Mathématiques),

University of Annaba (Algeria), December 1999.

Advisor:  Prof.Dr. J.Charles, University Montpellier II, France

During 1995-1998,  when I visited the University six months each year.

Major Area: Functional Analysis, Operator theory

Thesis title:  On the range and the Kernel of a Generalized derivations

2)    Magistere (Doctorat 3eme cycle)  in Mathematics

Annaba University (Algeria) May 1987.

  Option: Partial Differential Equations

     Thesis Title: On the  Regularity of Elliptic equations

      Bachelor Degree in Mathematics (Diplôme des Études Supérieures en Mathématiques), University of  Annaba, July 1983.

                Option: Functional analysis


II. Scientific  Activities and Publications

1. Scientific Production:

 Published articles (in refeered Journals) 

  1. S.Mecheri,  Weyl’s theorem for algebraically class A operators, Bull Belg. Math. Soc., 14(2007),  239-246
  2. S. Mecheri,  Global Minimum and Orthogonality in Cp- Classes, Math. Nachr,  280(2007) ,  784-801.
  3. S.Mecheri, Generalized Weyl’s theorem for Posinormal operators, Math. Proc.Royal Irish.Acad  107A(2007),  20-28.
  4. S.Mecheri, A New characterization of the orthogonality in the sense of Birkhoof, Czech.Math.Journal, 57.(2007),  697-703.
  5. S. Mecheri, An extension of Fuglede-Putnam theorem to semihyponormal operators, Far East.J.Math.Sc., 24(2007), 251-257.
  6. S.Mecheri, On the Riesz Idempotent for a calss H(q) operators, Math. Proc.Royal Irish.Acad  107B(2007),  120-127.
  7. S.Mecheri, Weyl type theorems for posinormal operators , Math. Proc.Royal Irish.Acad  107B(2007), 11-17.
  8. S.Mecheri, j-Gateaux derivative and orthogonality in C¥-classes,  J. Anal. Appl, 2(2007), 
  9.  S. Mecheri, Best Approximant and orthogonality in C1-classes, J . Ineq. Pure Appl.Math , vol 7, n2(2006), Article 77(electoronic
  10. S.Mecheri, Weyls theorem for algebraically (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators, Georgian Math.J., 13 (2006), 1998-2007
  11. S.Mecheri , Generalized D-symmetric operators,  Acta Sci.Math (Szeged), 72(2006), 367-372.
  12. S.Mecheri, K.Tanahashi, A.Uchiyama, An extension of Fuglede-Putnam, to p-hyponormal or class Y operators, Bull.Koren Math.Soc.,  43(2006), 747-753.
  13. S.Mecheri and Smail Bouzenada, Similarity orbits and finite operators, J. Pure Math., 2(2006), 12-18.
  14. S.Mecheri, Generalized Weyl’s theorem for algebraically (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators, Kungpook.Math.J, 46(2006), no. 4, 553-563.
  15.  S.Mecheri, General;ized a-Weyl’s theorem for some classes of operators, Nihonkai Math. J, 17(2006), 155-165
  16.  S. Mecheri, Gateaux derivative and orthogonality in Cp-classes, J . Ineq. Pure  Appl.Math (JIPAM), vol.7, 2 (2006) , Article 57(electronic).
  17. S.Mecheri, Non normal Derivations and Orthogonality, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 133 (2005), 759-762.
  18.   S. Mecheri, Generalized Finite operators, Demonstratio.Math, 38(2005),163-167.
  19.  S.Mecheri,  Another version of Anderson Inequality in the Ideal of all compact operators, J.Ineq. Pure Appl. Math , vol 6, n3(2005).
  20.  S.Mecheri, On the range of elementary operators, Integral. Equations operator theory, 53(2005), 403-409 .
  21. Istratescu, Bull. Korean Math.Soc, 42 (2005) no4, 871-875
  22. S.Mecheri, An extension of Fuglede Putnam theorem to (p,k)-quasihyponormal operator, Scientiae Math.Japonicae, 62(2005), 259-264
  23. S.Mecheri, On the Normality of  operators, Revista Colombiana. Math, 39(2005), 87-95.
  24. S.Mecheri, Generalized derivation and double operator integrals, Georgian Math.J,, 12(2005), 717-726.
  25. S. Mecheri, Gateaux derivative and orthogonality in C1-classes, J . Ineq. Pure  appl.Math , vol 6, n4(2005).
  26. S. Mecheri, Best L  (x, µ)-approximant, East Journal on Approximation, 16(2004),1-8
  27. S. Mecheri,  Another version of Maher's inequality, J. Anal. Appl (Z. Anal. Anw), 23(2004), no.2, 303-311
  28. S. Mecheri,  Some variants of Webers Theorem, Math.Proc.Roy. Irish Acad, 104A (2004), no 1,  67-73.
  29. An Extension of the Fuglede-Putnam theorem to p-hyponormal operators., J. Pure Math., 21(2004), 25-30.
  30.  S.Mecheri, Generalized P-symmetric operators,Math.Proc.Roy.Irish Acad , 104A(2004), no.2, 173-175.
  31. S.Mecheri, A Generalization of Fuglede-Putnam theorem, J. Pure Math, 21(2004), 31-38.
  32. S.Mecheri, On The range and the kernel of the elementary  operator ,  Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae, 72(2003), 191-196 .
  33. S.Mecheri, Range Kernel and Elementary operators, J.Pure.Math, 20(2003),1-8.
  34.  S. Mecheri,  Orthogonality and Derivation Ranges, Int. Math.Jou.Vol. 3, 2003. no. 1, pp. 21-28
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  39.  S.Mecheri, Generalized Maher and Anderson’s Inequality II, International Jour.Math & Math.SC , 53 (2003)3355-3372. 2002
  40.  S.Mecheri, Finite operators, Demonstratio Math, 35(2002), 357-366.
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  43. S.Mecheri, Weak finite operators, J.Pure Math, 19(2002), 81-85.
  44. S. Mecheri, On Minimizing , Serdica Math.Jour,  Vol.26, n°2 (2000) 119-126 . 
  45.  S. Mecheri, Some remarks on the range of a generalized derivation (in Russian), Problemy  Matematicheskogo Analiza (Russia)Vol. 20(2000), 111-119.
  46. S. Mecheri,  On the range of a generalized derivation. Function theory and applications.   J. Math. Sci. (New York) 102 (2000), no. 5, 4429 - 4435.
  47. S. Mecheri, On the Weak closure of the range of a derivation, Jour. Appl. Math, 2(2000), 1153-1157
  48. S.Mecheri,  Examples of Finite operators, Alg.Numb. Theor, 1(2000), 47-44.
  49.  S.Mecheri, Derivation Ranges and the Identity, Proceeding of the 37th Science WeekV1(2000) 150-155.
  50.  S.Mecheri, Commutants and Derivations Ranges, Czechoslovak Mathematical journal, 49(1999), 843-847.
  51. S.Mecheri, L’image et le Noyau d’une dérivation (Frensh), Annales de Mathématiques, 6(1999), 321-325.
  52.  S.Mecheri,   Derivation ranges, Linear Algebra & its Applications , 279(1998) 31-38.
  53. S.Mecheri, On Minimizing , Annaba University Publication n4 (2000) 1-10
  54. S.Mecheri,  On the range of the operator , Annaba University Publication n5(2000)10-17.
  55. S.Mecheri, On the weak operator topology, Annaba University  Publication n3 (2000) 1-9

Sumitted  and accepted papers

  1.  S.Mecheri, A Fuglede-Putnam type theorem,  Integral equation operator theory, (submitted)
  2. S. Mecheri, A note on Fuglede-Putnam type theorem for (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators, JMAA., (submitted)
  3. S.Mecheri, Quasisimilarity and Compact Perturbations, Acta.Sci.Math (Szeged), (submitted)
  4. S.Mecheri and S.Bouzenada, Finite operators and Compact Perturbations., Comm.Korean.Math.Soc., (submitted)
  5. S.Mecheri,  Global Minimum and orthogonality in B(H). (submitted).
  6. S.Mecheri, An Extension of Penrose's inequality on generalized inverses to the von Neumann-Schatten classes Cp, Lin.Alg. Appl., (Submitted)
  7.  S.Mecheri, Range-Kernel orthogonality and Finite operators,  JMAA, (Submitted)
  8. S.Mecheri, Orthogonality and Finite operators,  Math.Nachr, (submitted)

  1. S.Mecheri and K. Tanahashi, Weyl’s type theorems for (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators,  Acta. Sci. Math (Szeged),  (submitted).
  2. S.Mecheri, A generalized Fuglede-Putnam’s theorem, MIA, (submitted).
  3. S.Mecheri, Numerical ranges and Finite operators, Acta Applicandae. Math, (accepted).
  4. S.Mecheri, Why to solve the operator equation AX-XB= T, New York Math.J (accepted).
  5. S.Mecheri, Fuglede-Putnam's theorem for  Y-classes or log-hyponormal operators, Studia Math, (2007), accepted
  6. S.Mecheri, Putnam-Fuglede's theorem for dominant or (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators, Extracta Mat, (2007). accepted 
  7. S.Mecheri, An extension of Putnam-Fuglede's theorem for (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators, J.Ineq. Appl. (2007). accepted 
  8. S.Mecheri, C*-algebras and generalized p-symmetric operators, Lin.Mult. Lin. Alg, (2007). accepted
  9. S.Mecheri, On the Kleinecke-Shirokov theorem, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc, (2007). Submitted
  10. S.Mecheri, On the closure of the range of elementary operators, Glasgow Math. J, (2007). Submitted
  11. S.Mecheri, Numerical ranges of linear operators, Acta Appl. Math, (2007). accepted
  12. S.Mecheri, A remark on Weyl type theorems, J. Korean. Math. Soc, (2007). accepted
  13. S.Mecheri, Quasisimilarity and compact perturbations, J. Functional Analysis  (2007). Submitted
  14. S.Mecheri, Finite operators and orthogonality, Rev. Math IbroAmericana, (2007). Submitted
  15. S.Mecheri, An extension of Putnam-Fuglede's theorem to a class A operators, Math. Ineq. Appl, (2007). Submitted
  16. S.Mecheri,  On quasi-class A operators, Acta. Math. Sin, (2007).
  17. S.Mecheri, On the closure of the range of elementary operators and double operator integrals, Cand. Bull. Math, (2007). Submitted
  18. S.Mecheri,  An extension of penrose inequality on generalized inverses, Lin.Milt.Lin.Alg, (2007). Submitted
  19. S.Mecheri and A.Uchiyama, An extension of Fuglede Putnam-theorem to class A operators, Math. Ineq. Appl, (to appear).
  20. S.Mecheri , On quasi-class A operators , Acta Math. Sc, (to appear) 

2. Conferences and Meetings :

1.      On the Kleineck-Chirokov theorem, congress ICHFM07 in Zaragoza organized by Frensh Spanish Association of Mathematics, 9-13 Jul, 2007.

2.      On the operator equation AX-XB=C  and its applications in quantum mechanics, One day Algebra, KFUPM, March,1,2005.

3.      Best approximants and its application in Quantum chemistry, One day Analysis and Applications, KFUPM, March 27, 2005

4.      A Generalization of Webers Theorem, The Sixth Meeting of Saudi Association  for Mathematical Sciences, King Saud University, April 9-10 2002.

5.      On the Range of a Generalized Derivation , Fifth Pan African Congress of Mathematics (PACOM’2000).

6.      Generalized Derivation and the Identity, the VIII  International Conference     dedicated to Academician M.Kravchuk (May 11-14, 2000, Kyiv, Ukraine).

7.      On the Commutant of an operators and its Powers,  Rencontre 2000  May  21-24, 2000 Algeria.

8.       On the Range and the Kernel of a Derivation, Congrés International de Mathématiques de Rabat, 12- 14 April 1999.

9.       On the Orthogonality, Congrés National de Mathematiques, Université de Annaba , May 1999.

10.   On the weak operator Topology, Colloque National d’analyse et Applications, Université de Mostaganem, Octobre (1999).

11.   L’Image et le Noyau d’une Derivation, National Congress of Functional Analysis and its Applications, 17-19  October  (1998) Sidi Bel Abbes University Algeria.

12.   Commutants and Derivation Ranges, the 4th International Jordanian Mathematics Conference, Aug 24- Aug 26, 1998.

13.   Derivation Ranges and the Identity,  37 th 2. Science Week, 1-6 November 1997, SYRIAN Arab Republic.

14.   L’image d’une Derivation et L’identité, National Conference of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications. May 97 (RAMA97) M’sila University , Algeria.

3. Refereed Books and Monographs

1.      S. Mecheri., Some recent results on  operator Commutators  and related operators with applications.

Research Monograph (Book series)   (280 pages contains  new and original results of the author ),  in preparation

2.      Analyse Mathematiques Séries. Batna University Press 1998.  

3.       Fonctions de Plusieurs Variables et Integrales Multiples ; Batna University Press 1997.

   4. Visitings

a. Department of Mathematics, University of Latkia, Syria August 1993.

b. Department of Mathematics, University of Montpellier II, (France) 1992, 1993, 1994

c. Department of Mathematics, Jordan university, 1999.


5. Jury member:

1.    « Etude spectrale des operateurs hyponormaux ».  Bouznada Mohamed, Defeded on jun 1998. (Master thesis).

2.    « Etude d’une Equation elliptic degeneree du deuxieme order ». Defended on 2000. (Master thesis).

3.    «  Derivation Ranges and the Identity». Defended on 1998. Messaoudane Hadia (Master thesis).

4.      “Orthogonality in the sense of Birkhoff”. Defended on March 2001.  A.Segress  (Master thesis).

5.      Qusi-Linear Maps between Banach Spaces and their Applications,    Defended on 2004. Haifa  (PHD thesis).

6.        On the range and the kernel of a Generalized Derivation.  Defended on 2002. Nora Ahmed (PHD thesis).


6. Research Activities:

a)   Head of a research  Project 

 Project Title.Commutator Approximants, Code number : B*1201/2/98, agreement date:  January 1st   1998, duration: 3 years (Ministry of Higher Education.

. Project Title.: On the range and the kernel of elementary   operators  supportted by the KSU  research center project Math/1422/10

 Project Title : Best Approximant and orthogonality, supported by the KSU research center project no- Math/2005/05.

 Project Title: Numerical ranges and finite   operators supportted by  the KSU  research center project Math/2006/4

 Project Title : On Generalized a-Weyl’s theorem for some classes of operators  supportted by the KSU  research center project Math/2007/10

                     b) Member and expert for the National Agency  for the Development of University Research (Algeria).


7) Theses examined:

1. Segress Abdelkader, Propriete des classes d’operateur et l’orthogonality, Master , University of Mostaganem, 1997.

2. A.Noura,  On Normoloid operators, Master, University of Constantine, 1998.

3. H.Hamouda , On the closure of the range of certain operators, Doctorat, University of Mostaganem 1999.


8) Theses supervised:

1. Messaoudane Hadia, Sur la class de Joel Anderson, Master, Annaba University, 2000.

2. Smail Bouzenada, Master, Annaba university, 1999.

3. Smail Bouzenada, Compact perturbation Similarity orbits and finite operators, Doctorat, 2001

4. Nasli Bekir, On the Fuglede-Putnam's theorem, Doctorat, Mostaganem university, 2006


III.  Pedagogic Activities:

Teaching :

(1)   Course SEM310 ( Analysis II and Algebra I), University of Oum-el-Bouaghi  (1987 to 1994). And at University of Tebessa (1998 to 2000).

(2)   Course SEM300 ( Analysis I), University of Oum-elbouaghi (1989/1990)

(3)   Course SEM301 ( Series and Generalized Integrals), University of Tebessa (1997/98).

(4)   CourseTM11 ( Numerical Analysis I) University of Tebessa (1996/97).

(5)   Course SEM305 (Complex Analysis I ), University of Oum-el-bouaghi (1991 to1994). And at University of Tebessa (1996 to 1998).

(6)   Course SEM308 (Advanced course in Ordinary Differential Equations ), University of Oum-el-Bouaghi (1993/96).

(7)   Course SEM304 ( Measure and Integration ), University of Tebessa  (1997/98).

(8)   Cours SEMX ( Applied functional Analysis) University of Tebessa (1999/00).

(9)   Some topics in Partial Differential Equations, Graduate course, University of Tebessa (2000/2001).

 (11)  Course in Advanced Calculus, El Fateh University, Tripoli,  Lybia.


(12) Cours M581  Functional Analysis 1 (Master)

(13) Cours M582 Functional Analysis 2 (PHD)

(14) Cours M585 Compex Analysis (Master)

 IV. Cultural and Scientific Activities.

Organization of Scientific Manifestations:

i) Member of the Organization Committee of the National Mathematical Congress 1999, Department of Mathematics, University of Annaba, May 17-19, 1999.   


Other Activities:

          A)     Membership of Scientific Associations:


                  1. Member of Saudi Association  for Mathematical Sciences

                  2. Member of  the Algerian Mathematical Society

         B)      Committees:

                   1. Coordinator of Analysis Committee, King Saud University, Dept.Math

                    2. Member of the postgraduate committee, King Saud University, Dept.Math

          C)      Councils:

                   1. Chair of the scientific council at Tebessa University Algeria

                    2. Member of the Scientific council  Faculty of Science, Tebessa University  


V. Employment and Administrative History.

Employment History (in Descending Order––Last Given First):

        Full Professor, king Saud University, 2006-,2007

        Full Professor, king Saud University, 2005-,2006

        Full Professor, King Saud University, 2004 -2005     

        Full Professor, King Saud University, 2003 -2004 

        Associate Professor, King Saud University  2002-  2003

        Associate Professor, King Saud University  2001-  2002      

        Associate Professor,  Zawia University, Lybia 2000-2001

        Associate Professor, Tebessa University Algeria 1999-2000

        Assistant Professor, Tebessa University From 1987 to 199

         Lecturer , Annaba University from 1985 to 1987


VI     Administrative Assignments (in Descending Order):

1. Head of the institute of Mathematics, Tebessa University

2. Chair of  Technology Institute Tebessa University

VII. Other professional services

 Editor for : Australian journal of Mathematical analysis and Applications

Reviwer for : Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt Math

Refereeing for  :

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

Journal of Functional Analysis

Canadian Bulletin.Math.

Demonstratio Math.

Austalian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.


Rocky Moutain. J. Math.

Evaluation of papers for promotion to associate professor and professor For several universities in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Research collaboration:

1. Prof.Dr. Kotaro Tanahashi

Department of Mathematics

 Tohoku Pharmaceutical University

 Sendai 981-8558



2. Prof.Dr. Atsushi, Uchiyama

Department of Mathematics

 Sendai National College of Technology

 Sendai, 989-3124 








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