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Preferred Links


 Optometrists Network:






The Optometrists Network, which educates the public about visual health and spreads the word about unique aspects of optometric care, provides useful patient education -- free to the public -- no registration required -- no vendor advertising, no cookies, no adware, etc.

Read more:



Dalhousie University:




One of Canada's leading universities, Dalhousie is widely recognized for outstanding academic quality and teaching, and a broad range of educational and research opportunities.

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1818, Dalhousie attracts students from around the world.

 Find out more:



 Cooper Eye Care:




Want to know more about common eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, binocular muscle disorders, etc?  Want to know what to do about them?  Come visit this page

Find more:



American Association for Pediatric

Ophthalmology and Strabismus:




The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus is the North American society which promotes training and continuing education in pediatric ophthalmology. In its mission statement, AAPOS aims “to provide ethical leadership for comprehensive medical and surgical eye care of children and adults with strabismus.

 Find more:




ORBIS is a nonprofit, global development organization whose mission is to eliminate avoidable blindness by strengthening the capacity of local eye health partners in their efforts to prevent and treat blindness. As part of ORBIS’s broad-based capacity building program, ORBIS works with carefully selected local partners on projects typically lasting at least three years. ORBIS has about 100 active partners, which include hospitals, health centers, universities and training centers, local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), eye banks and government health departments.

ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital



The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital is literally a hospital with wings that brings together dedicated eye care professionals and aviators to give the gift of sight to developing countries around the world.

You can join, find more:


International Council of Ophthalmology:



The International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies (IFOS) represents and serves professional associations of  ophthalmologists throughout the world.The ICO works with ophthalmologic societies, ophthalmologists and others to enhance ophthalmic education and the provision of eye care in order to preserve and protect vision for all people worldwide.

Find out more:



Saudi Association of Optometry 


  :الجمعية السعودية للبصريات 


تهدف الجمعية السعودية للبصريات إلى تنمية الفكر العلمي المهني في مجال تخصص االبصريات وعلوم الرؤية, تطوير الأداء العلمي والمهني لأعضاء الجمعية, أتاحة الفرصة للعاملين في مجالات تخصص وأهتمامات البصريات وعلوم الرؤية للإسهام في حركة التقدم العلمي والمهني في هذه المجالات, تيسير تبادل الإنتاج العلمي والأفكار العلمية والمهنية في مجالات إهتمامات الجمعية بين المؤسسات والهيئات المعنية داخل وخارج المملكة, تقديم المشورة والقيام بالدرسات اللازمة لرفع مستوى الأداء في مجالات إهتمام الجمعية في المؤسسات والهيئات المختلفة, المساهمة في وضع معايير ممارسة المهنة في تخصص البصريات وعلوم الرؤية والمشاركة في مراقبة أدائها والمحافظة عليها واخيرا المساهمة في رفع مستوى الوعي الصحي لدى الجمهور

 Find More:



The Canadian Orthoptic Society:




The Canidain Orthoptic Socity was incorporated as a professional association in 1967. TCOS represents, advocates, and enhances the Orthoptic profession by: providing continuing education for orthoptists, disseminating information regarding issues of importance to the profession, providing channels of communication between its membership and the Canadian Orthoptic Council (COC), providing access to career opportunities, and providing opportunities to network with peers who share your interest.

Find more:




International Orthoptic Association




The IOA, a worldwide organisation of Orthoptic Professionals, over a detailed information on orthoptics around the world. You will find here some very interesting features, events calender, statistics, news, views and several other interesting items.

The aim of the Association, founded 1967, is to promote the science of orthoptics worldwide; to supply information and offer assistance to national authorities and individual orthoptists; and to help maintain and improve standards of education, training and orthoptic practice. 

Find More:



The Amblyopia Foundation of America


The Amblyopia Foundation of America is the nations ONLY nonprofit health organization dedicated solely to establishing a nationwide vision screening program for schoolchildren. The mission of the organization is to protect our nations children and their families from the devastating effects of undetected visual disorders. To fulfill this mission, The Amblyopia Foundation of America understands that all school age children must have their vision screened to maximize opportunity for treatment.

Find More:



Fight for Sight



The mission of Fight for Sight is to support vision research  to find the causes and cures for blindness and to help save the sight of children through support of pediatric eye centers.

Find More:



The Children’s Eye Foundation




The former National Children’s Eye Care Foundation (NCECF) is now the Children’s Eye Foundation (CEF) and is the official Foundation of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS). AAPOS is the largest physician organization in the world dedicated to children’s eye care and adults with strabismus.  There are currently more than 1000 members of AAPOS representing 41 countries.

Find More:\




The AACO is a close network of orthoptists and orthoptic students across North America, working together to promote both the profession and the individual member. The web sight is also included the PRISM newsletter.

The PRISM newsletter contains valuable information about past and future meetings and exciting opportunities for Orthoptists both nationally and internationally. The newsletter also has ads from our many wonderful sponsors who help let us do what we do.

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You will find this an excellent medical directory




MedlinePlus (Eyes and Vision)


MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You 



This is another excellent medical resources. it has a service for finding local resources for eye health-related issues.


Ons Super Site:


Ophthalmology SuperSite




This website is a joint home for:

Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus,  Journal of Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surgery News China Edition,  Ocular Surgery News India Edition,  Ocular Surgery News Europe/Asia-Pacific EditionOcular Surgery News Japan EditionOcular Surgery News Latin America EditionOcular Surgery News U.S. Edition,  and OphthalmicSurgery, Lasers & Imaging

Find it here:



The Regional Eye Center





The Regional Eye Center is acknowledged as the region's leader in technology in several areas. It uses the most advanced equipment and techniques available in today's marketplace. It was one of the first practices in Tennessee to perform clear cornea  cataract surgery - surgery that requires no injections or patches. It also brought the first retinal surgeon to the region, and was the first practice in East Tennessee to offer laser vision correction surgery. The Regional Eye Center is one of the few ophthalmic practices to use lasers to performey elifts and resurface facial skin.

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