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طرق البحث العلمي

Professor: Waleed Alshabani                                      Office: 2A/115                       

Tel. #: 467-4327                                                          E-mail: alshabani1@gawab.com


Course Objectives:

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and training in research methodology.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • To provide students with in-depth understanding of research methods.
  • To provide students with adequate training in preparing research proposals and conducting research.
  • To enhance students’ capability of research appreciation.


Course format:

This class is a graduate seminar and therefore is an intensive learning experience. The time necessary to prepare for this class far exceeds preparation for other types of classes. You will be expected to be thoroughly prepared for each and every class. Your written and oral work will be evaluated every week. A necessary but not sufficient condition for success in this course is a commitment to excellence on your part (i.e. hard work).


Written assignments:

Written assignments are related to the assigned chapters. In addition, each student will prepare a summary for each chapter assigned. All written assignments will be typed and double spaced. Only letter quality ink jet or laser printer output is acceptable. Written assignments should not exceed four pages for each chapter.


Oral Grading

The ability to articulately express your ideas is critical for your success as an academic. Therefore, your oral presentation skills and class discussion will be evaluated each week. It is extremely important that you participate in class discussion or a failing grade will be assigned. Each week, some of you will present the assigned chapters for that week to the class. Other students are required to participate in class discussion.



Your final grades will be determined using the following weights:



Written Assignments







Oral Participation







Final Paper & Presentation







Final Exam













Course Schedule








Foundations of Empirical Research

Introductory and

The scientific approach

Chapter 1 and chapter 1 (AAA)



Conceptual foundations of research and

Basic elements of research

Chapter 2,3, and chapter 2 (AAA)



Design and Structure of Research

Research designs

Chapter 5 & 6 and chapter 3 (AAA)



Measurement and Sampling

Chapter 7 & 8



Data Collection

Observational Methods

Chapter 9



Survey Research and Questionnaire Construction

Chapter 10 & 11



Qualitative Research and Secondary Data Analysis

Chapter 12 & 13

Turn in “research paper proposal”


Practical Review





Paper presentation and final paper.


Term Paper assignment


Each student will write and present a formal research paper on an approved research design/methodology topic. The paper will consist of the following milestones:

  • A formal research paper topic proposal;
  • Paper presentations; and
  • The final paper


You should select a topic and obtain instructor approval early in the semester. Students are encouraged to use e-mail to obtain instructor approval of their choice of topic. When appropriate, the instructor will assign the topic. Topic approval must be obtained prior to preparing the research paper proposal. Topics will normally be assigned on a first come, first choice basis. Only one student will be assigned any particular topic; no topic overlap is allowed.


The paper is expected to be a RESEARCH effort as opposed to a general survey of the topic. Your manuscript should be in the form of a comprehensive research proposal using any of the research methods covered in the course. You are NOT expected to actually collect and analyze data. You are expected to include a description of what you will do, why you are doing it, how you will do it, and your expected results. You should also comment on internal, external, and construct validity of your proposed research.


You should remember that regardless of the type of topic selected, your focus should be on research issues and/or methodology involved. You are not to consider your paper to be a typical “term paper”, which has substantial emphasis on “literature review”. In keeping with the objectives of this class, substantial energy should be devoted to the development and/or analysis of research issues and methodology.


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