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 Md Saiful Islam, PhD (NTU, Singapore) 

pp-photo 2011.jpg
Room: G085, Building: 31
PO Box 51178 
Riyadh 11543
Saudi Arabia (KSA)
 Ph: +966-11-4698629 (office)


Research Interest: Heartbeat Pattern Recognition for biometrics and biomedical applications


      1. My Article "Model-based Alignment of Heartbeat Morphology for Enhancing Human Recognition Capability" is published online in The Computer Journal (Abstract + PDF).
      2. My Article "Heartbeat Biometrics for Remote Authentication Using Sensor Embedded Computing Devices" is published in International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks ( PDF).
      3. Conference paper  "Augmented-Hilbert Transform for Detecting Peaks of a Finger-ECG Signal" is presented in IECBES-2014.
      4. My Interview is published in Electronics Letters by IET (UK)    Interview.pdfInterview.pdf

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