When child first time steps in school’s desks, he tries to make relationship whit people around him especially the teachers. If teacher start to understand his students (most of them don’t do that) there will be a good relationship, because when students have problems on school they can speak freely whit there teachers and they can find solution together that is good for every one. If that relationship and communication student - teacher is good student will have more respect to the teacher and he will pay more attention on his classes. But if that relationship is bad, then going to school and teachers classes will be the biggest nightmare for the student and for the teacher. So students have to have respect to the teachers and teachers have to have toleration to students for good relationship between them.  School is the place where we spend most of our day. When we come home, we are tired and want to sleep, or we have home works, or we just go out with friends. so the people that maybe know us better than anyone even our parents, sometimes) are the teachers, the people that we see, talk, laugh and even dislike every day. so, I think that make an important role in our development in our character, behavior. They grow us and make us become people and good citizens. That is why I think relationships with them are a very important part of our life. If they are understanding and care about us, then we become better people in the future. Bless our teachers.

The teacher student relationship is very important for children. Children spend approximately 5 to 7 hours a day with a teacher for almost 10 months. We ask ourselves what is considered a good teacher. All of us have gone through schooling, and if fortunate had a favorite teacher. A positive relationship between the student and the teacher is difficult to establish, but can be found for both individuals at either end. The qualities for a positive relationship can vary to set a learning experience approachable and inviting the students to learn. A teacher and student who have the qualities of good communications, respect in a classroom, and show interest in teaching from the point of view of the teacher and learning from a student will establish a positive relationship in the classroom. I will be focusing on the relationship between the student and teacher, involving a setting in the primary grades, which I have found second grade to be extremely important for the student to gain a positive attitude for their future education.

Children have different strategies for learning and achieving their goals. A few students in a classroom will grasp and learn quickly, but at the same time there will be those who have to be repeatedly taught using different techniques for the student to be able to understand the lesson. On the other hand, there are those students who fool around and use school as entertainment. Teaching then becomes difficult, especially if there is no proper communication. Yet, teachers, creating a positive relationship with their students, will not necessarily control of all the disruptive students. The book, Responsible Classroom Discipline written by Vernon F. Jones and Louise Jones discuss how to create a learning environment approachable for children in the elementary schools. According to the Jones, “ Student disruptions will occur frequently in classes that are poorly organized and managed where students are not provided with appropriate and interesting instructional tasks” (101).

The key is, teachers need to continuously monitor the student in order for him or her to be aware of any difficulties the student is having. Understanding the child’s problem, fear, or confusion will give the teacher a better understanding the child’s learning difficulties. Once the teacher becomes aware of the problems, he or she will have more patience with the student, thus making the child feel secure or less confused when learning is taking place in the classroom.

The communication between the student and the teacher serves as a connection between the two, which provides a better atmosphere for a classroom environment. Of course a teacher is not going to understand every problem for every child in his or her classroom, but will acquire enough information for those students who are struggling with specific tasks. A significant body of research indicates that “academic achievement and student behavior are influenced by the quality of the teacher and student relationship” (Jones 95). The more the teacher connects or communicates with his or her students, the more likely they will be able to help students learn at a high level and accomplish quickly.

The teacher needs to understand that in many schools, especially in big cities like Los Angeles, children come from different cultures and backgrounds. A teacher then needs to understand the value of the students' senses of belonging, which can be of greater value and build self worth for minority students. If the teacher demonstrates an understanding of the student’s culture, it will provide a better understanding between the teacher and the student. Though there are students who have a difficult time in school and according to David Thomas essay, “The Mind of Man” states, “children who are yelled at feel rejected and frightened because a teacher shouts at them” (Thomas 122). The example above demonstrates the feelings the child has towards the teacher leading to inhibiting the child from learning. The reasons for children to be yelled at vary from teacher to teacher, but shouting should not be the solution for children who find education a difficult process or simply lack of learning experiences, but sometimes teachers find yelling at the child as the only quick solution.

Therefore, those teachers who demonstrate respect towards their students, automatically win favor by having active learners in their classroom. The arrogant or offensive teacher will lack these positive qualities due to his or her lack of control over the children. Teachers should assert that they should also be treated with respect and their responsibilities to ensure that students treat each other with kindness. According to the Jones, “teachers are encouraged to blend their warmth and firmness towards the students in their classroom, but with realistic limits” (111).

Another point, I have often found critical, are the number of times the teacher does not correct the students who find calling names to their classmates amusing. Children who are teased or bullied by other children find themselves being victimized by their peers. Children who have become victims of this nature find learning difficult. They will be stressed out not only by trying to achieve academically, but also because the names they have been appointed by their classmates are destructive, demeaning, and destroy self esteem. Therefore, it is important for teachers to have children respect each other. Usually, a type of lesson involving with self-esteem can be an excellent activity for children who are involved in this destructive nature.

Teachers who are in a classroom everyday have experienced one time or another the student(s) who are disruptive and/or find learning boring. Teachers understand that if this behavior continues in the classroom and if they do nothing to prevent this from happening, the outcome proves to be disastrous for both types of participants. The student will conclude that his or her behavior is permissible, and will draw away from learning, therefore it is essentially important for the teacher to explain to the child the importance to learn. Though we understand that learning cannot be forced. Learning becomes a process for an individual where he or she feels comfortable with learning whether it’s in a classroom or at home. Mike Rose explains in “Lives on the Boundary” that “It is what we are excited about that educates us” (106). Rose’s quote can be applied to children at an early age, just as well as it can be applied to adults.

Definitely children learn when they enjoy learning, but also they need some control over the teacher (s) decisions. “Authoritarian control is often destructive to students who are in the primary grades, and eventually upper grades teachers have difficulty dealing with children who were taught with an authoritarian teacher” (Jones 215). Children in primary grades feel the urge to talk about their problems, fears, or even show their knowledge, but at the same time they want to be listened too. The student will feel valued and respected. Students feel flattered when the teacher eventually gives them the option of contributing, or in other words the teacher asks for an opinion, which is usually not offered to the students. The teacher(s) does not have to give up all their control, rather teachers share control with students and encourage interactions that are determined by mutual agreement.

For teachers conducting a classroom and shaping the minds of the young students, teachers who communicate effectively with their students should give appropriate and helpful feedback to their students. Interaction between the student and teacher becomes extremely important for a successful relationship through the entire time of a school year. A close, but limited relationship between the student and teacher can be helpful for those students who are shy, and find speaking in front of the classroom difficult or children who have low self-esteem. The tension these students hold in a classroom will have the confidence they had always wanted, but never achieved due to not having a good relationship with the teacher.

Another important point is raised when teachers think of themselves as “traditional” are following the canonical approach. The traditional teachers follow the famous list of books to be read by his or her students. Many children will not enjoy reading because they do not have the background to understand the material. They do not have any interest in the book, which makes reading confusing and difficult to understand. “Students have felt what mattered most was the relationship teachers established with their students providing guidance to students who have felt inadequate or threatened” (Rose 115). Teachers who follow the traditional curriculum do not necessarily need to focus on their traditional ideas, but rather interact with their students and find interesting topics to discuss with their students.

Therefore, how does a teacher hold a relationship that leads to effectively teach the children? The answer becomes clear when teachers interact with, and learn more about their students. Our first educational experience, which takes place in the primary years of our life, sets the principles for our future education. Every school year an elementary teacher deals with new faces and new attitudes. Some children find themselves lacking an interest in learning and others feel playing and fooling around at school with friends is the happiest moment of their life. The solution to inappropriate behavior will not automatically get rid of the poor attitude of these children, but is to establish a positive relationship. Teachers can establish a positive relationship with their students by communicating with them and properly providing feedback to them. Respect between teacher and student with both feeling enthusiastic when learning and teaching. Having established a positive relationship with students will encourage students to seek education and be enthusiastic and to be in school. Remembering our favorite teacher will be recognized because they had at least in one way or another the qualities I discussed in this essay, although we are not aware of it during the time we are in school, but teachers are well recognized at a later time of our lives.


-One of our habits is when we say that we have two fathers. According to our habitude, first father is a father who comes of heart and second father is father who comes of soul or teacher. Teacher we say father because he care for us when we at school. He gives good advice for example: don't smoking; don't be useful drug because we lost our health. Of one word teacher is our second fatherr. With teacher we don't need scold only we need to be good.                                                                                                                                                 

- School has to be place where young people should learn something more about life and all the problems in it and have a lot of fun. The condition for that is a good teacher-student relationship. The relationship would be possible if there is understanding between both sides. Unfortunately in my school that is very hard to active. We, students want to do things that our teachers don't allow. Some of them understand us and let us "go”, but some have no toleration at all. Even if it could be better we are very happy. Believe or not we have a great time and we wish everyone to spend as more time as they can with their teachers for better and stronger relationship.                                                                                         

 - In the teenage years school becomes one of the most interesting places for the youth because you can make great friends there and you can learn how to deal with your own problems by yourself. That is why the teacher should be student’s best friend. Professor’s acts should be an example for each student. In the school the student builds a pared of his character. Sometimes the teacher should talk about common problems and break the atmosphere of roiling, rolls and discipline, cause the life of a young man isn't just school lessons. This is the most difficult period of young man’s life.                                                      

- I think that relationship between the teachers and students need to be friendly. Students need to cooperate with their teachers more, with its students can learn more about suitable subject. I think that the teachers need to find the best way to present the subject to the students, I think that the presenting need to be something which can interest the students in some interesting and close way to us. I know that because, some classes where is boring I don't try to learn much. In classes where is fun and interesting I can learn much more and I don't need to try hard to understood the lessons. I have teachers who are fun and interesting people which they try to present the subject on the interesting way I love that subjects and I cooperate with them as much as possible, so I learn a lot of other things which are connected to my subject. It is good to have good teachers which can explain some dilemmas about lots of things.                                                              

 - My opinion is that everyone should have understanding for the other side , that means the teachers should have     understanding for the problems of the students and should be ready to discuss about them offer help and support   , but of course this should not be abused by the students .Unfortunately the worst always happens if the teacher has more understanding  than the students abuse it ,and if the teacher has no understanding  for the problems than the students ignore it and  they always go opposite of the orders of the teacher. So until everyone accepts their responsibilities we would stay in this position and we all know this situation is not good for everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                             - I don’t have much to say about this topic. It’s more than clear that teachers and students should be friends. This can be only if all teachers are young, because young teachers have some understanding for students and here can be some friendly relationship. With the old teachers it’s very difficult. They are so… I don’t know how to say, but we are alike afraid of them. But this is not a case with all old teachers, because there are some of them that have more understanding  than the young one                                                                                   -                                                    

- Relationship between teacher and students depends on several things, for example difference of generations. The generations difference infused on the kind of relationship that is about to make between teacher and students. Older teachers think that they know much more than they’re students and that they have nothing to learn from the younger because they are older and have more experience. The old teacher’s classroom is quiet, no talking and each student should obeahs a demonstration of respect. Even for the smallest mistake, made on purpose or not, the teacher should excuse and then not to be disappointed of the decision even if it sepal from school, while if the mistake is serious the student must go at the principle office. All these things make the teacher and student relation bad, unfriendly and short                          

 -Relationship between students and teachers is very close to the relationship between the students and their parents. Because sins first going to the school they tried as like their own children. Beside that they care for us, they teach us, and also give us advice for all good and bed moments who are expecting us in the future. Our teachers must be our models, because we have a lot of to learn from them and our relationship with them most be honest. 

- As our parents advice us for our own good, the professors are also worried for us. They illuminate us; teach us how to treat old people, not to smoke, not to drink. The relationship between teachers and students should be honest, we should tell them all the good and bad things that happen to us and on the other side, and they should teach us not to repeat our mistakes.                                       

 -When child first time steps in school’s desks, he tries to make relationship whit people around him especially the teachers. If teacher start to understand his students (most of them don’t do that) there will be a good relationship, because when students have problems on school they can speak freely whit there teachers and they can find solution together that is good for everyone. If that relationship and communication student - teacher is good student will have more respect to the teacher and he will pay more attention on his classes. But if that relationship is bad, then going to school and teachers classes will be the biggest nightmare for the student and for the teacher. So students have to had respect to the teachers and teachers have to had toleration to students for good relationship between them.                                                                                                                                                       

-School is the place where we spend most of our day. When we come home, we are tired and want to sleep, or we have home works, or we just go out with friends. So the people that maybe know us better than anyone even our parents, sometimes) are the teachers, the people that we see, talk, laugh and even dislike every day. So, I think that make an important role in our development in our character, behavior. They grow us and make us become people and good citizens. That is why i think relationships with them are a very important part of our life. If they are understanding and care about us, then we become better people in the future. Bless our teachers. 

- Students of teenage years are not like kids. They are already grown-ups and they like that. They especially want to be treating like that. They expect that from their parents, they expect that from their teachers. If the teachers respect the student, the student will know how to repay. The teacher should have a friendly relation with his students. Hi should talk about his problems to the students, so that he gets their confidence. Only then the student will open his hearth and will talk to the professor, not like a boy that should listen and obey, but as a friend that is willing to help in any situation. He will respect the professor, and do whatever the professor says, but not only because he is afraid of the professor, but because he believes that he is obligated because of the friendship. 

- According to me, the teacher-student relationship is the basis for high quality education. This means that the teacher does not necessarily have to feel favourably of the student and vice versa, but a common language is required. The motion to start this "fondness process" is mutual trust. And both sides should feel comfortably about it, I mean that both sides should be aware of the others' feelings. This is not an idealised view of the student-teacher relationship, but as far as I know a praxis in most of the schools. Then why not keep up with it?

-The relation student-professor and professor-student must be on a high level. Every student with his entering school is responsible for his behavior end he must respect the decision of
the professor and to be a good student. And the professor himself must have understanding in some
situations but do not cross the border. If there is a good relation and understanding between the student and the professor the class will develop in good condition for work. The professor must help the students to learn better, and the student must respond with understanding

-Everyday when we are going to school we contact without professor. Professor for us are shooing a source of know loge. They are teaching us how to respond in everyday life. They teach us and give us the right way in our life. Because of that we the students are own to respect our professor because they are include for building our profesnolity. It has moments when the students are coming some misunderstandings with the professor. But we the students are able to not abuse that and to choose the right way to slowing these problems. For us the students the professors are like second parents and for that we should be grateful to them.

-The communication between a professor and a student is the most important segment in a classroom. It embraces the character of the people, how they think and their point of view. Professor should befriend with the students and help them with their problems about the knowledge and at the same time teaches them. The attitude of the professor motivates the student to study their subjects and be interested during the teaching. The student should respond with solid knowledge of the material and a wish to learn more. Respect is very important in the relation between them. How the professor helps the student in that way the help should respond to him. Then the achievement would be important for both of them. Student should not make fun of the mistakes the professor make and remark on that. They also must not be against the professor and consider them to be the enemy. The professor is one of the most important sign to our way of becoming a responsible adult who can look after him.

-Of course that is not easy to keep a simple communication between a professor and a student. In the school it’s creating a professional communication between a professor and a student. For example: When they will meet- first getting start the student with-”Good morning”. And the same words from a professor. Sometimes the dialogue keeps on with talking about studding and school subjects. It is not a simple talking because it is not like on the street with splitting, walking like some maniac or cursing and other. But the communication has to be and spouse to be perfect in completely understanding between a professor and a student

-Nowadays, the students dream to have young and modern teachers. They are the closest to our period and they knows what we like, and what we don't. I don't try to say that the old teachers are not good, but there is exception for everything. For example, in my school most of the professors are young and we getting together after classes and we have fun. We are friends with them, we tell jokes to each other, we sit in cafe-bars with them etc.
They understand us completely when we are not ready for reviews. But, as I said before, there is exception for everything. I notice a little fear by the students' side. In the future I think that it must be destroyed.
However, everything depends on the students too. They should let the teacher to teach the lesson. The students and the teachers should cooperate together.

-According to me, the teacher-student relationship is the basis for high quality education. This means that the teacher does not necessarily have to feel favourably of the student and vice versa, but a common language is required. The motion to start this "fondness process" is mutual trust. And both sides should feel comfortably about it, I mean that both sides should be aware of the others' feelings

-What do you think? What is the secret of a successful teacher? I as a student think that their successfulness is based on relation student and
teacher. This relation is mainly based on trust between the teacher and the
student. These are the words of my former teacher "It is not yours to judge is the teacher god or bad. There are no bad or god teachers. There are only teachers that behave strict with their students and these teachers are the one that consider teaching as a way to learn students the way of life. The other group of teachers are of the kind that consider teaching as couple of wasted ours sitting with students that have no interest of teaching. But to be a god teacher it does not depend only from the teacher. It also needs some activity from the students and their wish to learn something new. That's what makes a great teacher. "What else I can say? All that I think about today's theme is sad trough the words of my former teacher that I respect so much.

-The biggest part of the year we spent at school, every day we face with obligation. Nobody from us is not perfect. Everybody have bad side, some subject must to be heavy. But that doesn't mean that we don't have good marks. Someone invest more force if it likes to manage. That subject can to be bad contact with teacher, difficulty in understood, uninteresting for learning. But very important is to face with the problem and search a solution. If the problem is in us, we have to try to explain at rest to understand. If the problem is in the teacher we have to talk with
him or her and to tell at him what we don't like that is about him. Any case has to exist communication and understood. When we see that something is hard we have to hope and never give up. We have to hold one by one. When some appear conflict, just smile and say: whatever it is it will pass and we will try to be better.

-The relationship between teacher and student exists for years. The teacher is like second parent to a student. The teacher teaching us about the most important things in our lives. With the teacher we are founding the life, we are learning for the past and the future. All instructive things, wisdoms, the patience, concern, all that give us the teacher, since we are little since the first step in the school desks. We like our teachers and we respect them

-The relationship between teacher and student and the communication between them is the most important thing for a student and his success and it is for teacher to. With the communication with the teacher the student is not afraid to say his opinion, to ask the
teacher about new things. Because the teacher is teaching us about the past, the present and the
future. If the teacher is strict with us and teach us in old fashion way we are afraid to ask him about something for the lesson on something else. But in my school the teachers are the best. They are very talkative with us, we are doing so many projects together, we can ask them about what we want and they are always helping us for everything

- Most people remember them as some kind of despotic persons. Although it isn't always the truth. Some of them...most of them are quite nice and are always there to give us a hand when we need one. Not so long ago the teacher was THE TEACHER and was almighty and the students were there to learn and nothing else. Now there is some kind of interactivity between the teachers and the students. To my mind teachers are here to teach us their knowledge and for listening to what we have to say...indeed students aren't afraid to tell them what they think anymore. However, this doesn't mean that they don't have their troops, it is just that times changed and the methods too. Our teachers are now closer to their students and have created some kind of new climate that allows us to be in class without feeling of obligation or what so ever. Nevertheless we can, but we notice that the "power" is still between the teachers hand' if something goes wrong it is up to him or her to react properly and to punish if it i Let's take an example to illustrate what i said: We have a young teacher  of literature. We do a lot of noise when we have literature. But she is almost always nice and" cool" with us. She is very friendly. We breathe sigh of relief and we speak freely with her. All the teachers aren't like her, but even if a few are it is nice to go to school and to learn very well.

-We, the pupils should behave well towards the teachers, to be well-mannered and to study. As far as I'm concerned we should treat our parent which means to respect them, to be honest towards them and to fulfill the obligations that they give us.

- Education is most important for children, because the children study in school to read, to write, and communication. Skills what children what are given in school can help the children be successful in everyday life although the provocations of this world. The good education might to help children to executed better work. The school makes the chiders have a communication with quote students who have a wrong view about life. For example about sex, drugs and moral. About that have teachers are there to help them for the better of them. The teacher must to tell the student about the real life and the true things about the school. The teacher with  to help the children to have a respect between the quote students .The students must to respect the teachers and to talk with them about the problems in this life.

- Relationship between students and teachers is very close. Older teachers think that they know much more than the students and that they have nothing to learn from the younger because they are older and have more experience, but in Albania is the mentalities and this do not let the relationship to go on with new ideas and to develop. Every students need to respect their teacher, but i think and every teacher have to respect the students. The relationship with teachers and students must be honest. Teachers will accept that we need more opportunities, and the students have to be free to express our ideas.

- The relations between the professor and the student always should be good. The relations are important factor to function this circle. In near time the relations are bad because we all now in what time we live. The relations are getting wars if the students are not behaving. To this circle to function we have to have understanding.

- First of all, I think we need to respect each other. Also we need to be honest and understanding. To think and act positive is just another thing what is very important.

- For me the most important factor from the student is the relation to the teacher without differences what are  they. If one student is silent, shows respect that reflects to the teacher. By the way that in the school we got different students by the meaning of their behavior you may say that from their telling from a street talking shows that they don't care about the teachers or what are they talking in the classes, he is not interested in they continue talking with their some friends around them, which shows nervous from the teachers side. But I personally think that the teacher have to understand the kids some themes because they got their problems too in the privet live. 

- The teacher should pay attention on his/hers relation to the students. The teacher should always improve his methods of teaching the lessons on the classes. He should be careful when he relates to a student, to not insult him in any way, and ask the students as often as possible if they have a problem of any kind either with the other teachers or with the material being recently teached. The teacher should give his students more chances to improve their grades, and should earlier decline the date for the test, so we the students will have more time for better preparation, which will directly affect our grade. The teacher should not scary us with the low grades that he puts in the teachers book. He shouldn't write low grades to us, for being undisciplined. Also, the teachers shouldn't exceed with material, because we the students would not have time to learn for the other subjects, and the teacher should always leave time on the end of the class for laughter.

- I think that the student first of all should respect the teacher (to salute him, to stand from his chair when the teacher enters the class etc.). Unlike in my class when on some particular subjects (teachers) it's total anarchy. The teacher is teaching a new lesson but everybody are doing whatever they want, I think that is because of the teachers inefficiency to keep the order in the class, but we can't shift all the blame to the teacher, because it's a student’s responsibility to respect the teacher, and do not talk when someone else talk specially if it's a teacher. Outside the school the pupil can do whatever he wants, but when in school he should respect some rules

- The teacher's relation to the students, in my school is very good, but with exemption on few of them, who don't try enough to bring student's interest. Siding my thinking, the bigger number of them are tolerance and expelling teachers who likes to convey their knowledge to own student, on every mode which will be necessary for the student's accomplishment. It has to go with big perseverance, behalf and big hope, from side of the teacher. The teachers should not only to discourse the lesson. They should to inveterate for the commonly students culture. The students must have respect to the teachers, apropos to the oldest persons, and forehead to listen.

- Every teacher by any subject should have good relation with any student. Every student for the teacher should be equal. All to look the same for the teacher. There should be no fear and distance between the relation student-teacher. Form the teacher depends how the students will be by discipline. By me the teacher is the one who should create working atmosphere on the class. That doesn't mean that the students aren't the one who plays key part of the relation. But I also think, the teacher should be close with his students. There should be no fear from the professor, but friendly relation. When there's a problem in the class by any student, any kind of it, I think it could be solved if the teacher knows how, and know how to do it. With talk and good relation of the teacher to the student, could be solved and hardest problem. As a clue, I would say, the relation between the student and teacher, should be good, friendly, and carry. Whit that kind of relation, could be solve any problem, as for the student, that for the teacher.  

- Relations between the teachers and the students when I was in primary school were much tensed. The teachers were supporting each other and the students also. In high school the situation is changed. We the students have now bigger problems and more serious. Now days the teachers should be more friendly with the students. They have to educate their students from the world’s major problems that the youth have. The drugs, cigarettes and the alcohol are very serious youth problems and they will infect in the future life. In most of the schools that I’ve known the teachers are making projects about the youth problems, and they are trying to help their students to solve their problems. The relationships between the teachers and the students should be more opened, friendly and honest.

- Firs of all students should respect the teachers. They should pay intention on the classes. The teachers should help the students in their problems and to educate them to the best possible way. They shouldn't be in negative mood and the students also. The students should talk to teachers, and to have one friendly relation.

- All the wealth who is surround us and get it we have to transport to the oldest, and in all that are including the teachers who hardly work for us, so that when we grow up we can be free citizens. Always we have to tell them one big THANKS because they are illuminating us the way to the future, the way where the stars are shining and illuminating us.

- There are books everywhere in the class. The teacher nervously shut the door and leaves the class. One more lost lesson. All this is unnecessary .The teacher is the real person who can to give us advice and to teach us all about the subject. He always has to know the students problems about the subject. I think if the student isn't really for the lesson he needs to get a second chance. Now I am in Year 1 and I meet new person, a lot of new teachers and a lot of new interesting subjects. The relation between teacher and us must be correct. Sometimes they don't like our bad cheats. I think every teacher will understand all these teenage years. If the teacher is nervous sometimes and simply aren't understand us we have to try to talk later about our problems because he teaches over 150 students a day. By the way the teacher is the person who will show you the right way in the life.

- Relationship between teachers and students should be friendlier so the students can't feel the pressure that exists in the schools. My opinion is that if the teachers are more close to us in a friendly way, more kind and understanding and then we can solve personal problems and problems with our grades. I say personal problems solved with our teachers because there is one person a teacher that is very close friend with me and my friends from school. When we are feeling blue and when we are not in a good mood she is that person that will try to talk with us and tries to solve or give an opinion to tell us what is the best thing to do (to solve our problems). She is very kind, friendly and understanding and she treats all of us like we are her own kids. I will not tell you the name of this person the only thing you need to know is that kind of person really exists and I am glad that when I have problems she always helps me. So this is an example how should be the relationships between teachers and students.

- We wake up every morning, have breakfast, go two school, come back home only two eat and that's what happens every day in our young love's .In all this array of people
we learn and develop our self's in persons, on the top of that pyramid are the professors. Weather we lick it or not we have to admit that the influence of the professor and his attitude to words the students could be greater that the parents have. This comes from the fact that we spend greater time at school then we do at home.
That influence that comes from the professor directly influences the relation between the student and the professor. The superior intellect can put the young mind in creative waters on creation and cooperation and whit that to prepare the young man for the real problems in his life. But it can have the same success in destroying the ideals and total breaking on the persona. The professor cannot forget that the school is not an army and the theory "divide and rule" is not the rite chose for controlling the rebel spirit, that is characteristic for that age. But he must place himself lick a factor who can respect, and not only for the hierarchy but and the intellectual power that must be respected and use in development. The professor is not the only one who can influence the development of the person, but the class as a howl, but the professor is the guilty for the deviant behavior of the student. The professor is the one should now not only the intellectual possibilities of the student but his person whit pure But of cores this is only base on upon approximation that the professor wants to be good an is already develop as a person, that in reality it doesn't have to so.

- Relation between students and teachers always had to be nice and with much understanding. Teachers had to posse’s high personality. Every teacher is different from the other. Some teachers are severing, others not, some teachers are kind, others are not so kind, some are more communicative then others and this are teachers advantages and disadvantages. Students are different to, some of them are speaking much, some are nice, so are kind, and some are bad. Relation had to be on high level and because of that students must adapt to the teachers, and also teachers must adapt to the students. I think that with this notes relation would be more successful.

- The relationship between teachers and students It has been part of our tradition to show respect for the older people, especially for the teacher who try hard to give us their know ledge and advice. We need their help to get a good profession and fulfill our aims in life. Still, teachers sometimes think that only they are right and don't let the students express their own opinions and be creative. Very often treys talk only about their subject and don't want to have friendly relationship with the students and teach them about life. Many students are scared stiff of their teacher and can't give good answers although they learned a lot. We need encouragement and moral support from our teachers. We need our teachers to be our friends and not our enemies.