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business terms list  مصطلحات.rtfbusiness terms list مصطلحاترجب كمال فهيم عبدالمجيد
Resume-Ragab-Kamal.docResume-Ragab-Kamalرجب كمال فهيم عبدالمجيد
Dr. Ragab Kamal Fahiem Abdel-Magied

Assistant Professor 
Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering
College of engineering 

Office: 2A 123/2 Industrial engineering Dept.
PO Box 800 
Riyadh 11421 
King Saudi Arabia

Ragab Kamal is an assistant professor with industrial engineering department, faculaty of engineering, king Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He Holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from Cairo university,  a M.Sc. from Cairo University, and Ph.D. from Cairo university, Egypt.

Dr. Ragab Kamal Began his practical life in industry, since he work in many factories i.e. aircraft factory- Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI).  He hold Advanced professional training in the field of consulting and training, BMZ German Ministry, Berlin, Germany. He was member of team for establishing many projects i.e. Mina Tent project for hajj, Public works Ministry,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


ragab.JPGragabرجب كمال فهيم عبدالمجيد
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