Assessment of Pollution Sources in the Southeastern of the Riyadh and it is Impact of Population Saudi Arabia

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Arab J Geosci
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The rapid growth of Riyadh—capital of Saudi

Arabia—is pushing the area to more pollution and incentive

for reorganization. The aim of this research is to

assess air pollutants in southeast of Riyadh and detect

opinion of the population about their environment. The

assessment was done by analyzing 405 questionnaires,

evaluating thermal band of Landsat 8, and spatial analyzing

of particular matter and chemicals in 19 air samples

by geostatistical tool in the ArcMap. Most of the

inhabitants stated that they are suffering from bad odor,

sewage leakage, and dust mainly from a cement factory.

The thermal band of Landsat clarified the location of the

pollution sources mainly the 1st industrial city,

Yammama Cement Factory, and power plant in Farouq

area. The ordinary kriging maps showed that the highest

concentration of PM10 (>403 μg/m3) lied to the northern

and western side of the study area and caused a health

issue to most inhabitants.