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Dr. Lina F. Hammad  

MSc, PhD


Councillor -Vice rectorate for Educational and Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor
Department of Radiological Sciences
College of Applied Medical sciences
King Saud University
Office: +966-1-4355010-707

Fax  +966-1-4355010 ext 867

PO Box 10219, Riyadh 11372
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dr  Lina Hammad was the first Saudi female to graduate from the Department of Radiological sciences in 1987 with an Honorary degree.

Her MSc dissertation involved measuring the acoustical properties of lesions generated In-vitro by an ultrasound therapy system.  Dr Lina PhD research concentrated on the mechanical and microcirculatory properties in skin subject to venous ulceration. 

The research interests include tissue characterization, diagnostic sonography, ultrasounic  morphometry of organs and structure, cutaneous changes in diabetics and chronic venous insufficiency, the effect of diabetes and CVI on the microcirculation and cutaneous hardness.


د. لينا بنت فهمي علي حماد

مستشار بوكالة الجامعة للشؤون  التعليمية والأكاديمية

المشرفة على نادي الاشعة

أستاذ العلوم الإشعاعية المساعد

قسم العلوم الإشعاعية
كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية

جامعة الملك سعود

  +966-1-4355010 ext 867 فاكس

ص ب 10219

11372 الرياض

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Old makkah photo.pptOld makkah photoلينا فهمى على حماد

 student presentation&leaflets

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fetal sonography leaflet-arabic.pdffetal sonography leaflet-arabicلينا فهمى على حماد
intravenous urograpy leaflet presentation.pdfintravenous urograpy leaflet presentationلينا فهمى على حماد
Pelvic scanning leaflet-English.pdfPelvic scanning leaflet-Englishلينا فهمى على حماد
An Introduction to radiology department leaflet-arabic.pdfAn Introduction to radiology department leaflet-arabicلينا فهمى على حماد
An Introduction to radiology department presentation-arabic.pdfAn Introduction to radiology department presentation-arabicلينا فهمى على حماد
Abdominal sonography leaflet-english.pdfAbdominal sonography leaflet-englishلينا فهمى على حماد

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