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أسئلة شائعة

Kosuke SAITO

Lecturer of Japanese language program
Department of Asian Languaes
College of Languages and Translation

Office: 01-467-5173 (tel/fax)
PO Box 87907 
Riyadh  11652
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



1) Personal Profiles

Name : Kosuke SAITO              

Nationality : JAPAN

Birthday : 26 July, 1974

Birthplace : Tokyo, JAPAN


2) Education

April,1998-March, 2003

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Graduate school of Area and Culture Studies (Asian Studies I, Master’s degree)

Specializing in cognitive linguistics, altaic languages (Mongolian, Japanese)

Master’s degree in linguistics took in March 31, 2003

September, 1998-August, 1999

Studying in School of Mongolian Studies in National University of Mongolia

(Specialty : comparative studies between Japanese and Mongolian from the viewpoint of cognitive semantics )


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, The branch of Mongolian studies

Majoring in general linguistics, mongolian studies


3) Specialty

Cognitive linguistics, Japanese language, Altaic languages


4) Publication

[Thesis, notes]

1: ‘Cognitive semantical analysis on modern Mongolian instrument’ 2003 (Master’s thesis)

2: ‘On the adverbial usuage of Modern Mongolian adjectives’  Mongol Khel Sudlal,  School of Mongolian Studies, University of Mongolia, Ulan-Bator, 2000

[Presentation of the results of the study]

1: ‘On the passive of mongolian language,’ in ‘Lancheon linuistics,’ held in Institute of Lanuage research, Tokyo Uniersity of Foreign Studies on July 19, 2000



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