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Literary Translation
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Consecutive Translation
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Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Linguistics and Translation

  Interested in Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics

College of Languages and Translation

Office: Building20 /105


mobile: 0507155035



 Dr. Inaam Perriman


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 ~ Literary Translation ~

 ~ Consecutive Translation ~

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 Prefered Links

 Conference Alerts
 Translation services «TransLink» - oral translation, consecutive ...
 Articles for literary language translators
 Consecutive translation: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous ...
 The trans-k Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology
 Consecutive Translation
 Advent Translation. Consecutive Interpreting
 Stylistics exercises
 Dr.Inaam's Literary Translation Blog
 Dr.Inaam's Stylistics Blog
 My Message Board
 ESL podcast Blog
 Note-Taking Skills
 Listening to Words
 Note-Taking in Cocsecutive Interpreting
 http://Note-Taking Skills
 Note-Taking Skills
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