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Name DR: Ibrahim Alharkan
Office 2A 116/2                       
Phone 467-6823
Website imalharkan

Teaching Assistance:

Name Eng: Mageed Ghaleb
Office 2A 108/3                    


This course introduces students to the concept of simulation, including modeling, simulation languages, and appropriate inputs to a simulation model, and analysis of the output from a simulation model. Thus, a student completing this course should understand the general concept of simulation including modeling, terminology, and technique. Also, should master the AweSim simulation language


Students should have a working knowledge of probability, statistics, and computer language such as FORTRAN, Visual Basic, or C. Also, a working knowledge about one of the simulation languages


1) Law, A. Simulation Modeling and Analysis, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2007.

2) Pritsker, A. and O’Reillly, J. Simulation with Visual SLAM and AweSim, Second Edition, John Wiley and Sons, 1999.


Course will be determined by these weights:
Home works 15%
Paper presentation 15%
Weekly Project progress presentation 20%
Project report and final presentation 20%
Take home Final Exam 30%

Take Home Final Exam

A final exam will be given on May 18th, 2015  This exam will be returned by May 24th, 2015.

Paper Presentation and Discussion

Paper will be selected and presented by the students based on the current topic of the week that will be covered. During presentation dissuasion will be made and the student will be judge accordingly. It is the job of the student to furniture electronic copies of the paper to all audience so that understand the paper before the presentation and it is part of the evaluation.


A group of two students will submit a semester project on a topic involving a simulation modeling of industrial or service system.  A presentation is immediately due on the second lecture in which alternative project proposals are described.  Then, every group will perform a weekly project progress presentation.  Finally, the project will be due on Wednesday May 14th st,, 2015.  All groups will present their project on Sunday May 17th , 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Course Outline:

The following chapter from textbook no. 1: The following chapter from textbook no.2:
Chapter 1: : Introduction to simulation modeling Chapters 5: Basic network Modeling
Chapter 4:Review of Probability and Statistics. Chapter 6 : Resources and Gates
Chapter 6:Input modeling. Chapter 7 : Interface, Find and Assembly
Chapter 8: Generation of random variates
Chapter 9: Output analysis
Chapter 10: Comparing alternative systems
Chapter 11: Variance reduction techniques.
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