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Name DR: Ibrahim Alharkan
Office 2A 116/2                       
Phone 467-6823
Website imalharkan

Teaching Assistance:

Name Eng: Yusuf Usmani
Office 2A 108/3                    
Website Yusmain


This course aims to provide students with the knowledge of a variety of useful concepts and approaches for effective management of manufacturing systems. The course also aims to develop in the students, through the use of case studies, a degree of competency in managing and controlling manufacturing systems.


1)Pinedo, Michael. Scheduling Theory, Algorithms, and Systems, 3rd Edition Prentice-Hall, 2008.

2)Browne, J., Harhen, J., and Shivnan, J. Production Management Systems, 2nd Edition Prentice-Hall, 1996,


1)Sule, D. R. Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling: Examples, case studies, and applications, 2nd edition, CRC press, 2007.

2)Operations Scheduling with Applications in Manufacturing and Services, Michael Pinedo and Xiuli Chao, McGraw Hill 2000

3)Hopp, W., and Spearman, M. Factory Physics: Foundations of Manufacturing Management, Irwin, 1996.


Course will be determined by these weights:
Home works and Paper presentation 30%
Project progress  presentation, Project report, and final presentation 30%
Take home Final Exam 40%


1)• A group of two students should be formed immediately, then, the name of the students in the group should be submitted immediately electronically to my e-mail.

2)• The student in each group will work together and submit the following in group: Homework, paper presentation, and project


A homework set will be assigned almost every Monday . The homework are due on the date specified at the beginning of the class. Late assignments are not accepted. Homework will be submitted as a group homework.

Paper Presentation and Discussion

Paper will be selected and presented by a grouped students based on the current topic of the week that will be covered. During presentation dissuasion will be made and the student will be judge accordingly. It is the job of the student to furniture electronic copies of the paper to all audience so that understand the paper before the presentation and it is part of the evaluation.


 Every two students will submit a semester project on a topic involving production management systems.

· A one-page description of the project is due ASAP.

·Then, the project report in prescribed format will be due on Sunday December 28th, 2014.  Report should be put in my mail box not later than 2:30 p.m. on the day of submission. For late reports marks will be deducted accordingly.

·  All groups will present their project on Monday December 29th, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Take Home Final Exam

 A final exam will be given on December 30th, 2014.


 This exam will be returned by January 6th , 2015.  

Course Outline:

• This course introduces students to deterministic and stochastic production sequencing and scheduling models, including sequencing and scheduling of single machine model, parallel machine model, flow shop model, and open shop and job shop models.

• Also, it introduces students to production management systems, including material requirement planning (MRP), manufacturing resources planning (MRP II), just in time (JIT), and optimized production technology (OPT).
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