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About OS Course (2008/2009):

Operating System course will introduce the student to an exciting range of materials from the broad field of operating systems, including basic operating system structure, process and thread synchronization and concurrency, memory management techniques, process scheduling and resource management, file system and I/O system, and a few other topics.

You can find more about the course in our blog:

Rough Grading Breakdown

  • Exams: Three exams 10%~15% each
  • Exam dates (3/11/07, 1/12/07, 5/1/08)
  • Assignments 10%~15%, you need to work with Linux
  • Class Participation 5%, using a Wiki
Text Book: Operating Systems Concepts, 7th Edition Silbershatz, Galvin, Gagne [Buy from Amazon]
Course Objectives:
  • Short term goals
    • Gain a good knowledge of OS in general, and how their internals work
  • Long term goals
    • This course is the basis for future work in other areas of OS: hacking Linux, i.e. contribute to the Open source OS :-)
    • postgraduate degree with an OS major

Course Slides:

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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